Private flights – The way to avoid a layover!


When you travel, flights do not always take you directly to your destination. Commercial flights may require you to book a flight with a change of planes. A trip by air taxi has the advantage of allowing you to avoid connecting flights by taking you directly to the nearest airport of your destination. In this  … Continued

The secret of a successful trip to Stuttgart by private jet


Are you planning a trip to Stuttgart by private jet? Then you are exactly at the right place! To make sure you don’t miss any of the wonderful sights in the largest city in Baden-Württemberg, we will tell you the secret of a successful trip to Stuttgart by private jet. With our tips, nothing will  … Continued

Private jet to Innsbruck – discover the capital of Tyrol


Take a private jet to the Austrian city of Innsbruck and land at the most conveniently located airport in Western Austria. The airport is just 6 kilometers from the city centre. From there, you can drive to other famous cities such as Munich in Germany, Kitzbühel or Bolzano in Italy within an hour. In this  … Continued

Tourism in Paris : The city visit


Tourism in Paris is a popular activity but it is easy to get lost! That’s why we have prepared a complete guide for a perfect visit of Paris. We’ll show you the must-see monuments as well as the best places to eat and sleep while sightseeing in the French capital. Get a free flight estimate  … Continued

Business in Paris : what you need to know


Paris is and will remain one of the best places to open your business or launch a project. Business in Paris is very dynamic and companies based there are always on the lookout for new opportunities.

In 2011 Paris ranked fourth as the largest metropolitan economy in the world and first in Europe. Very international,  … Continued

Liege by private jet: an underestimated commercial hub


Liege has today the 6th largest cargo airport in Europe and the first in Belgium. However, Liège is not sufficiently highlighted when we refer to its as being a major European metropolis. Liège is a very rich city, both on a cultural and commercial level. Its geographical location is the source of numerous crossings between  … Continued

Antwerp Belgium – Fly by private jet to the capital of diamonds


Diamonds, global trade, a large seaport and delicious waffles – we are in Flanders, Antwerp Belgium to be precise. In the 15th & 16th centuries, the port of Antwerp, located on the Scheldt, was at times the most important trading metropolis in Europe, eventually displacing Bruges from this position after centuries of rivalry.

Did you  … Continued

The best real estate fairs in Europe by Fly Aeolus


A real estate fair is an important part of showing off your company but also meeting all the people that are part of the supply chain in real estate and discovering across Europe the different essential partners and potential investors.

Joining the exhibition will let you put forward your business or find exactly what you  … Continued

Are air taxis expensive ? Private flight costs


Whether something is expensive or cheap is, as they say, always in the eye of the beholder. In the following we answer the question: What are the private flight costs?

If we take as an example that you have to go to a conference or meeting and the distance is too far to drive, then  … Continued

Private Flight to Budapest: The ultimate sightseeing-Highlights


Are you planning a business trip to the capital of Hungary? Fly Aeolus has compiled a flyover of the most beautiful sights and insider tips so that you don’t miss out on experiencing the beauty of Budapest from every angle. With Fly Aeolus’ tips your private flight to Budapest is almost organized.

Origin & Economy … Continued

Private jet to Bordeaux, discover the wine city


Bordeaux, a port city located in the South West of France, is 50 km away from the Atlantic coast. Considered as the wine capital of the world, this city is also famous for its classical and neoclassical architectural unity, which earned it a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List in June 2007. In this  … Continued

Private jet to Düsseldorf: what are the must- do’s?


With over 600,000 inhabitants, the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia is the second largest city in the federal state of Germany. Düsseldorf is located in the west of Germany and is part of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region as well as the Rhineland metropolitan region. Furthermore, the city lies at the core of the central European economic  … Continued

Private jet to Geneva – the must-see places to visit


If you are travelling to Switzerland, whether for business or pleasure, don’t miss the city of Geneva. Situated at the bottom of the Alps and at the south-western end of Lake Geneva, this city can satisfy both mountain lovers and those who prefer aquatic activities. Considered one of the most important cities in the world  … Continued

Skiing in the Dolomites – discover the Italian Alps


Don’t know where you want to go this winter, or would you like to discover something new? The Dolomites in Italy are a popular and exciting destination. In summer, you can go hiking and in winter you can ski on the slopes or enjoy your holiday in one of the countless ski resorts. With 12  … Continued

Renting a private plane- what are the advantages?


Are you tired of always having to be at the airport at least 2 hours before departure, to stand in the long queues for baggage drop-off or to queue up for security? Would you like to avoid crowds in the concourse or within the plane, especially in times of Corona? Then you should plan your  … Continued

With a private jet to Vienna, the capital of Austria


Characterised by its buildings from the Wilhelminian, Baroque and Art Nouveau periods, Vienna with its 1.9 million inhabitants, is one of the most visited cities in Europe. But the capital of Austria has much more to offer, be it culture, art or food. There is always something going on in Vienna and you can’t get  … Continued

Best wine regions in Europe to visit by private jet


Wine is synonymous with culture, lifestyle and pleasure. It complements a dinner or provides comfort at less festive times. Wine lovers around the world gather to celebrate the noble drop at wine festivals. To have a tasting, or simply to enjoy an evening with friends over a glass of wine. In this article, we have  … Continued

Golf in Bavaria – what are the most beautiful courses?


When you hear the word Bavaria, everyone immediately thinks about Oktoberfest and Lederhosen. But the biggest federal state in Germany has a lot more to offer. Besides big cities like Munich and Nürnberg, the Bavarian Forest and the Alps, Bavaria has over 180 golf courses, where you not only can play but also enjoy the  … Continued

What is an FBO? Explaining the terminal for private jets


Private jet terminals, known as FBO, are often overlooked by travelers. Even though, they offer greater possibilities and avoid the dreaded wait at major airports. If you want to know more about how these terminals are operating and the benefits they offer, do check our blog underneath.

FBOs are present in different airports and airfields.  … Continued

Empty leg flights : You will save even more


About 35% of all flights with private aircraft take place without passengers. Since even at Fly Aeolus not every flight is occupied by passengers. Those so-called “Empty Leg Flights” can be booked with different operators and sometimes with Fly Aeolus. It is an opportunity to get cheap last-minute flights, but there might be some caveats.  … Continued

Take an air taxi to the UEFA EURO 2020 Championship!


The UEFA EURO 2020 Championship, commonly known as the EK, has begun and every football supporter is taking his or her football shirts out of the closet again to support their national team. 

This year’s championship is a very special one, it is the first time in the history of the European Championships that the  … Continued

A new member to our private jet fleet: The Piper PA46 Meridian


Fly Aeolus welcomes a new member to its fleet: the Piper PA46 Meridian based in Cannes and Dijon. In order to be able to offer our passengers more cabin space and more all-weather reeliability, we have chosen the single-engine aircraft for 5 passengers from the manufacturer Piper Aircraft Corporation. This aircraft combines jet fuel performance  … Continued

Fly Aeolus trend report of the top European cities by Air Taxi


Fly Aeolus made a brand-new trend report of the major European cities for your next summer trip by air taxi. With the corona restrictions, the travel trends of summer 2021 will look differently than other years. This is why Fly Aeolus analysed the upcoming trends per city to give you a better idea where the  … Continued

How are the charter flight prices of Fly Aeolus set up?


Fly Aeolus offers standard charter flight pricing. Based on your desired travel schedule charter flight prices or air taxi prices are set. Pricing varies by the specifics of your trip. You can keep your costs low by scheduling same-day round-trips and by bringing travel companions. But how are Fly Aeolus charter flight prices or air taxi prices set  … Continued

Best private jet summer 2021 trends – Post corona


Everyone is looking forward to the upcoming summer months after a year of living in a pandemic world and multiple lockdowns. Travel agencies and tourism offices are positively and optimistically looking forward to the near future, taking into account the running COVID 19 vaccination programs. Furthermore, they are already spotting trends for summer 2021.

Discover  … Continued

Tips for your private charter flight booking


Do you want to learn more about how to properly book a private charter flight and what to look out for? There are some things that are often not considered, but could be important when booking a private jet. That’s why we have written the following blogs for you which explain all important points.

What … Continued

How do airport slots work? – A short insight


The biggest advantage of air taxis and private planes is flexibility. Although travelers can choose when to depart and from which airport, some airports use a slot system for the departure and landing of these aircraft.

But how do these airport slots work?

What is a airport slot?

A slot is a period of time  … Continued

How long are planes for sale on the market?


One of the first questions that comes to mind when buying or selling an aircraft is, “how long will it take me?”. There is no exact answer to this question. The time that an airplane is for sale on the market depends on several factors: the intensity of demand, location, the price of the aircraft,  … Continued