With a private jet to Vienna, the capital of Austria


Characterised by its buildings from the Wilhelminian, Baroque and Art Nouveau periods, Vienna with its 1.9 million inhabitants, is one of the most visited cities in Europe. But the capital of Austria has much more to offer, be it culture, art or food. There is always something going on in Vienna and you can’t get  … Continued

Best wine regions in Europe to visit by private jet


Wine is synonymous with culture, lifestyle and pleasure. It complements a dinner or provides comfort at less festive times. Wine lovers around the world gather to celebrate the noble drop at wine festivals. To have a tasting, or simply to enjoy an evening with friends over a glass of wine. In this article, we have  … Continued

Golf in Bavaria – what are the most beautiful courses?


When you hear the word Bavaria, everyone immediately thinks about Oktoberfest and Lederhosen. But the biggest federal state in Germany has a lot more to offer. Besides big cities like Munich and Nürnberg, the Bavarian Forest and the Alps, Bavaria has over 180 golf courses, where you not only can play but also enjoy the  … Continued

What is an FBO? Explaining the terminal for private jets


Private jet terminals, known as FBOs, are often overlooked by travelers. Even though, they offer greater possibilities and avoid the dreaded wait at major airports. If you want to know more about how these terminals are operating and the benefits they offer, do check our blog underneath.

What is an FBO?

FBO stands for Fixed  … Continued

Empty leg flights: What are empty legs and how can you use them


About 35% of all flights with private aircraft take place without passengers. Since even at Fly Aeolus not every flight is occupied by passengers. Those so-called “Empty Leg Flights” can be booked with different operators and sometimes with Fly Aeolus. It is an opportunity to get cheap last minute flights, but there might be some  … Continued

Take an air taxi to the UEFA EURO 2020 Championship!


The UEFA EURO 2020 Championship, commonly known as the EK, has begun and every football supporter is taking his or her football shirts out of the closet again to support their national team. 

This year’s championship is a very special one, it is the first time in the history of the European Championships that the  … Continued

A new member to our private jet fleet: The Piper PA46 Meridian


Fly Aeolus welcomes a new member to its fleet: the Piper PA46 Meridian based in Cannes and Dijon. In order to be able to offer our passengers more cabin space and more all-weather reeliability, we have chosen the single-engine aircraft for 5 passengers from the manufacturer Piper Aircraft Corporation. This aircraft combines jet fuel performance  … Continued

Fly Aeolus trend report of the top European cities by Air Taxi


Fly Aeolus made a brand-new trend report of the major European cities for your next summer trip by air taxi. With the corona restrictions, the travel trends of summer 2021 will look differently than other years. This is why Fly Aeolus analysed the upcoming trends per city to give you a better idea where the  … Continued

How are the charter flight prices of Fly Aeolus set up?


Fly Aeolus offers standard charter flight pricing. Based on your desired travel schedule charter flight prices or air taxi prices are set. Pricing varies by the specifics of your trip. You can keep your costs low by scheduling same-day round-trips and by bringing travel companions. But how are Fly Aeolus charter flight prices or air taxi prices set  … Continued

Best private jet summer 2021 trends – Post corona


Everyone is looking forward to the upcoming summer months after a year of living in a pandemic world and multiple lockdowns. Travel agencies and tourism offices are positively and optimistically looking forward to the near future, taking into account the running COVID 19 vaccination programs. Furthermore, they are already spotting trends for summer 2021.

Discover  … Continued

Tips for your private charter flight booking


Do you want to learn more about how to properly book a private charter flight and what to look out for? There are some things that are often not considered, but could be important when booking a private jet. That’s why we have written the following blogs for you which explain all important points.

What … Continued

How do airport slots work?


The biggest advantage of air taxis and private planes is flexibility. Although travellers can choose when to depart and from which airport, some airports use a slot system for the departure and landing of these aircraft. But how do these slots work?

What is a slot?

A slot is a period of time at a  … Continued

Brexit and the travel industry: changes for travelers to and from the UK


After the election of 2016, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. From this point on, the UK and the European Union started their negotiations. These took longer than expected and after years of complex and bitter negotiations, the United Kingdom officially left the European Union on January 31st, 2020. It consequentially applied  … Continued

5 reasons to take private jet flights with Fly Aeolus


Have you often wondered about the advantages of charter flights to Europe? And whether it is worth spending more money to fly with an air taxi instead of a scheduled flight? If you want to avoid crowded planes, unreliable departure times and long waiting times, then an air taxi is the right alternative for you.  … Continued

Air travel restrictions in Europe: last updates


EU citizens have the right to move freely within the Union, but the pandemic has resulted in various restrictions. To clarify the situation, Fly Aeolus is sharing with you the latest updates about the air travel restrictions to our top destinations during the Covid-19 outbreak. These apply to passengers who travel with normal commercial airlines  … Continued

Travel during and after Covid: advice and checklist


Over the past year, the entire airline industry was obliged to adapt to the covid and new health restrictions. Today, the vaccine campaigns, which started a few weeks ago, are a source of confidence for an optimistic and “Covid free” future. However, until the pandemic is brought under global control, travel and air travel will  … Continued

Take a private jet to the top 10 motorcycle rides in Europe!


In these times it is quite difficult to discover a country in a corona-proof way. Fly Aeolus found the perfect alternative, by motorcycle! Or by car if you do not have a motorcycle. Next to having a sense of calm and ease in your mind, a motorcycle decreases the amount of touchpoints with other people  … Continued

Top 10 gadgets to pack for your next private flight!


Are you planning your next trip and already thinking about what to pack? Most of us had moments on our trips when we wished there was a product that solved certain problems. Fly Aeolus has collected some ideas for items that shouldn’t be missing from your packing list for your upcoming vacation or business trip!  … Continued

The development of electric flying


Electric cars have been driving around the world for a number of years. After Tesla has put electric cars on the market, many other well-known car brands have also started developing electric cars. But how far is the development of electric flying? What developments are there and when can we expect to go on holiday  … Continued

10 Instagram accounts to follow to visit france!


Are you looking for inspiration for your next trip? Did you know that Instagram can be a source of inspiration? In this blog, Fly Aeolus presents its selection of the best Instagram travel accounts to visit France and its regions. Turquoise water, mountains, villages, fields of sunflowers or lavender and other wonderful shots of French  … Continued

Top 5 expected trends in Business Aviation in 2021


The pandemic in 2020 had a huge impact on aviation. For example, air traffic was largely halted. Even in the beginning of 2021, the corona crisis is still not under control. Still, air taxi and private jet companies are looking positively at the new year. In this blog we would like to present the expected  … Continued

Air taxi to Nice : Capital of the “Cote d’Azur”


Located between sea and mountains, the city of Nice by air taxi will seduce you. With the second largest hotel capacity in France after Paris, Nice welcomes 4 million tourists every year who come to discover its historical and cultural wealth, its museums, its typical and colourful streets, its squares with Italian architecture and its  … Continued

Most asked questions about private jets!


When you book a private jet, many questions often arise. Especially when you book a private jet for the first time. We answer the most frequently asked questions in this blog.

How much time before the flight do I need to book a private flight?

The minimum time required to book a flight with a  … Continued

Most flown destinations with a private jet


In the world there are about 44,000 airports. In 2019 about 38 million flights were operated at these airports. These are transport flights, commercial flights and private charter flights. In 2020, the aviation market was hit hard by the corona virus.

If we look specifically at private aviation, we see that private aircraft land  … Continued

The life of a pilot: Flying with Fly Aeolus – An interview


The profession of a pilot: Everyone can probably imagine what it means, but what exactly is it all about? We asked our pilot Jacques in more detail. Read here how he experiences flying with Fly Aeolus and which qualities you should bring along as a pilot. He also reveals to us how challenging the balance  … Continued

With a private jet to the best casinos in Europe.


A game of blackjack or a gamble at roulette. Nowadays you can go to casinos all around the world. Whether this is online or in a real brick-and-mortar casino, you can gamble anywhere! With its 104 casinos, Las Vegas in the United States is the gambling capital of the world, some of these casinos are  … Continued

Texel island: The hidden gem of the Netherlands


One of the secret gems in the Netherlands, is the largest and most visited island of the Wadden Islands, Texel. It is located on the north coast of the Netherlands. Lonely Planet describes Texel’s highlights as “Sweeping white-sand beaches, wildlife-rich nature reserves, sun-dappled forests and quaint villages”.

Dunes, inundated dune valleys, a mixture of  … Continued

The 10 most famous artists you should know


Picasso, Da Vinci and Michelangelo are all names you have probably heard before. But what exactly are they known for and which other famous artists must be remembered? Fly Aeolus lists for you in this blog the 10 most famous artists of all times.

1. Leonardo da Vinci

One of the most famous works of  … Continued

Trends in the pharma industry


Due to the current covid pandemic a lot of news regarding the pharmaceutical industry is about a vaccine for the virus. As a result, many other important developments about the pharmaceutical industry are not getting as much attention. However, currently there are many developments and trends in this industry. In this blog we discuss the  … Continued

The most unique watches in the world… Of all time!


What time do we have right now? The smartphone is quickly pulled out and time is checked. The cell phone has long since replaced the function of our well-known wristwatch. Wrong thought! Since the launch of the Smartwatch, timepieces can now do far more than just display the time. There are no limits to the  … Continued

How much hold luggage can you take on an airplane?


“How many kilos of hold luggage can you take on an airplane?” This is a question that many travelers struggle with. People also often wonder why there is a restriction on the number of kilos of hand or hold baggage. You do not have to state your own weight, do you? In this blog we  … Continued

What you need to know for your weekend in Bruges


Travel back in time by visiting the beautiful city of Bruges. The city, located in the west of Belgium, is also known as the Venice of Belgium. You can view the city from the water through the beautiful canals. It is also possible to walk through the ancient streets and explore the city at such.  … Continued