Second home : Prices, Places, Advices, Fly Aeolus tells you more !


Who has never thought of having a second home to spend time with their family, or to enjoy your next vacation? This trend is very present in Europe, especially in France.  Indeed, France is the European champion of second homes with more than 3 million homes.  

These residences, often inhabited less than 42 days a year, are more  … Continued

A weekend in Besançon in only 48 hours, let’s go!


Because we know that your time is precious, we propose you to immerse yourself in the heart of the city of time and art, in 48h. Besançon is one of the most atypical cities in France. Located in the east of France, it is the cradle of luxury watchmaking and art. Here is what a  … Continued

French cuisine: Taste France!


Bœuf Bourguignon? Escargots? Homard? Croissant? Baguette? Champagne? Sounds familiar? Then let’s taste the French “Art de vivre”! French cuisine is renowned throughout the world, and has been for many years. But this is no coincidence. For centuries, France has been building its reputation thanks to its cuisine, and to the favorite art of the French:  … Continued

Fly Aeolus Air Taxi, the perfect private jet alternative!


When you want to rent a private jet or an air taxi, different companies offer you several possibilities. Each option has advantages and disadvantages. Based on your own priorities and travel requirements you will have to choose the best option and decide which one is more beneficial. We have listed the features of both for  … Continued

5 challenges every company secretary is facing and how to overcome them


When thinking about secretaries, most of the time outdated ideas of what it means to be a company secretary pops up in peoples mind. However, the reality is that the role of the secretary has evolved. The word “secretary” itself has largely been replaced by more appropriate job titles such as “personal assistant”, “executive secretary”  … Continued

Coronavirus travel: Should you travel during the coronavirus crisis?


As the outbreak of the coronavirus spreads in Europe, the growing fear of the virus is impacting the stocks of commercial airlines. Large companies have put a stop to international travel and conferences, and some are even requiring people to work from home. Fly Aeolus has summarized some facts about travelling during the coronavirus crisis  … Continued

UEFA EURO 2020, tickets, matches and host countries!


Every 4 years, the title of European football champion is put at stake in a tournament with 24 teams. They all passed the preliminary rounds of the tournament and are now part of a total of 6 groups. The current title holder is Portugal who managed to win against l’Equipe De France in 2016, this  … Continued

TEFAF Maastricht: The European Fine Art Fair


The Dutch art fair TEFAF Maastricht, which was first held in 1988 and covers over 7000 years of art history, is held annually. With a two-day premiere for collectors only, TEFAF will open on 5 March 2020. Everyone who is active in the field of fine arts should visit TEFAF in Maastricht. It is an  … Continued

The 10 most scenic and most beautiful airports in Europe!


What better vantage point could you have to admire a landscape than from an airplane? None! Often the best time to enjoy the environment from an airplane is during take-off and landing, depending on the airport you land in. In order for you to enjoy the most breath-taking scenery, Fly Aeolus has prepared a top  … Continued

Top 10 luxury cars brands


Do you dream of having your own luxury cars? Whether for your own pleasure of driving fast cars or to improve your comfort when driving long distances, luxury cars make enthusiasts from all over the world. In this blog, Fly Aeolus offers you a top 10 luxury cars brands to help you decide which one  … Continued

9 questions you should ask when booking a private aircraft


What is the difference in renting a private jet or owning a factional part of an aircraft? There are not many differences from a private flight perspective, though from an operational perspective it is different. Based on your own priorities and travel requirements you will have to choose the best option and decide which model  … Continued

Samedan’s airport, on the roof of Europe.


Samedan is a small town ideally located in the hearth of the touristic Maloja Region in the Swiss canton of Grisons. This central position allows travelers to quickly reach many touristic attractions by train with the Rhaetian Railway. Samedan is also easily accessible thanks to Samedan’s airport. A small international airport which can be reached  … Continued

Hire a private jet and avoid the stress at big airports


For many holidaymakers the holiday begins when they have parked their car in the airport car park and go to the departure terminal. If you only fly two or three times a year, the waiting times may not be a problem. For example, being there 2 to 3 hours before departure and going through the  … Continued

Happy New Year! The top 5 destinations for New Year’s Eve


The year is coming to an end once again, we have enlightening and exciting 12 months behind us. Everyone has experienced and grown his own great highlights and defeats. Whether from home or from your vacation locaton, let’s look back and celebrate the old year and cheers on the new one!

We have gathered our  … Continued

Top Events within Europe


Private jets take off and land 365 days a year at your preferred times. They fly you to the most extraordinary places in the world. However, there are some top events that attract many private jet users. Here is a small selection of top events that private jet users enjoy attending.


Founded in 1988,  … Continued

Top 10 French beaches


France is one of the countries with the most beautiful beaches in the world. In fact, its wide and varied coastline offers beaches of all kinds, from sandy and pebble beaches to small turquoise water coves without forgetting the beaches overlooked by gigantic cliffs. We offer you a selection of the french beaches to rest, swim, walk  … Continued

Top 5 Formula 1 circuits for 2020!


The Formula 1 is the highest class in single seater car racing. The word formula comes from a set of rules which all participants’ cars must conform. A Formula 1 season consists out of a series of races worldwide, in 2019 there where in total 21 races of which 11 where located in Europe. The  … Continued

The coolest winter and summer destinations


This year is slowly coming to an end but the holiday planning for next year is already starting! We have selected 10 top winter and summer destinations for the upcoming year. Travel to the trendiest destinations and spoil yourself!

Ibiza (Spain)

In 654 BC the Phoenicians constructed the first port on the Island as they  … Continued

Fly to United Kingdom after Brexit


On June the 23rd, 2016, news of the “leave” result of the Brexit referendum shook the West. England will leave the European Union in 2 years at the most. Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and since July 2019 the representative of this Brexit, is the one who is supposed to find  … Continued

Fly in a private jet to Lyon


Firstly named Lugdunum, Lyon was a powerful city under antique Roma, it even was the capital city of Roman Gaulle. The city is located at the East of France, 112 kilometers away from the Swiss border and the city of Geneva and is settled on the confluence of the Rhone and the Soane. Famous for  … Continued

Bring your brand on board!


The level of awareness of a brand or a company is one of the most important factors, as it ultimately has a positive effect on the purchase decision. This is confirmed by a report from last year’s IBTM World, which explains that increasing brand awareness is a key objective of events. Companies of all kinds,  … Continued

International Business : 5 tips for your success


Globalization and digitization are taking today’s economy to a whole new level. Customers, suppliers and business partners are suddenly spread all over the world, living in different time zones and speaking different languages. Companies, even the small ones, need to optimize and adapt their business models and strategies to stay a market leader.   This change often presents a  … Continued

Charter your own private jet to Barcelona


Barcelona is after Madrid the 2nd biggest city in Spain and is located at the Mediterranean Sea. The City is getting more and more well-known and popular, around 27 million people are visiting the city every year.

As you probably can imagine, most of them come with an airplane. Which means long waiting lines for the  … Continued

Hannover Fair


Every year, the Industrial Fair, which is of great international importance, takes place in Hannover, on the world’s largest exhibition grounds.The industrial fair usually takes place at the end of April. In 2020, for example, it will open its doors from 20 to 24 April.

With its 6500 exhibitors and over 215,000 visitors, this fair  … Continued

Fly in a privatjet to ‘The Lion King’


Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and known for its culture, tasty culinary delights and variety. The northern city of Germany can hold its own against Venice, Amsterdam and London – at least in terms of its bridges. 2,479 bridges span the waters of the northern German metropolis. Hamburg is also known worldwide  … Continued

Our 5 tips for business travelers!


Business trips are not always easy. Whether you are a personal assistant, CEO, mechanic or even the most experienced business traveler, we all face challenges during a business trip.  For this reason, we decided to compile 5 tips for business travelers.  

5 tips for Business Travelers! 1. Planning and Booking the trip

Before you  … Continued

Take an air taxi to Munich and explore the city!


Munich is not only the state capital of Bavaria, but also one of the most attractive travel destinations in Germany, for both business and tourism. Therefore, Munich is the ideal place for a weekend getaway with an air taxi!

With an Air Taxi you are able to avoid long queues and traffic at the Munich  … Continued

Fly with an Air Taxi to the next Fashion Week!


The Fashion Weeks are extremely glamorous and extravagant events that occur twice a year in various cities throughout the world. Designers from all over the world present their latest collections and trends for the upcoming seasons. However, back in the days, the Fashion Week used to be unofficial and less organized as the Fashion Weeks  … Continued

Take an Air Taxi to Berlin!


Berlin is not only trendy and the capital of Germany, but it is also the most populated municipality in Germany! The city is the center for politics, culture, media and science. Furthermore, Berlin is internationally known for its many historical sights and activities. This urban city is also well known for its diverse culture, art  … Continued

Air taxi flights to the Tomorrowland festival!


The festival season just started, and it is time to enjoy the latest summer and electronic tunes at the most notorious festival of the world: Tomorrowland! This Belgian festival is celebrating its 15thanniversary in 2019, with spectacular stages and a top-notch DJ-Line-Up!

History of Tomorrowland 

Since its beginning in 2005, Tomorrowland used to be a  … Continued

The 75th Anniversary of D-Day in Normandy!


This year, Normandy is celebrating the 75thanniversary of D-Day. For this season, this region planned multiple events to celebrate this significant day. In the following blog you will find further information of D-Day and the airports of the Normandy region in France, in case you are planning a visit for this significant day. 

What is … Continued

Celebrities who fly planes!


One of the things that makes aviation so great is the diversity of people who fly an aircraft. You can meet anyone at an airport. In the past there were many celebrities who took a seat in the back of a rent aircraft as a passenger. Nowadays you see more and more celebrities who fly  … Continued

How can you avoid traffic jams in Europe?


Travelling by car can be very convenient. Especially whilst one is travelling in Europe, the car offers a lot of flexibility. However, while travelling by car, the chance of running into traffic jams, especially in Europe, and loosing hours in congestion is quiet high. 

In the following blog, we will discuss the cities with the  … Continued

Three main sport events you cannot miss this summer!


As the summer season is approaching major sport events are equally getting ready to receive enthusiastic fans and supporters from the whole of Europe. Fly Aeolus has selected the top 3 sport events which you should attend and to which you can fly with your own private aircraft. We explain which airport you can choose  … Continued

Le Touquet with an air taxi!


Le Touquet, which is often referred to as “Paris Plage”,  is a fashionable and small town on the Opal Coast of France. To attract inhabitants of Paris, the name Paris-Plage was invented in the 19th century. However, this attempt failed and the town was therefore renamed “Le Touquet”. Till today, many Parisians like to spend the  … Continued