Take an air taxi to the UEFA EURO 2020 Championship!


The UEFA EURO 2020 Championship, commonly known as the EK, has begun and every football supporter is taking his or her football shirts out of the closet again to support their national team. 

This year’s championship is a very special one, it is the first time in the history of the European Championships that the  … Continued

Fly Aeolus trend report of the top European cities by Air Taxi


Fly Aeolus made a brand-new trend report of the major European cities for your next summer trip by air taxi. With the corona restrictions, the travel trends of summer 2021 will look differently than other years. This is why Fly Aeolus analysed the upcoming trends per city to give you a better idea where the  … Continued

How are the charter flight prices of Fly Aeolus set up?


Fly Aeolus offers standard charter flight pricing. Based on your desired travel schedule charter flight prices or air taxi prices are set. Pricing varies by the specifics of your trip. You can keep your costs low by scheduling same-day round-trips and by bringing travel companions. But how are Fly Aeolus charter flight prices or air taxi prices set  … Continued

Best private jet summer 2021 trends – Post corona


Everyone is looking forward to the upcoming summer months after a year of living in a pandemic world and multiple lockdowns. Travel agencies and tourism offices are positively and optimistically looking forward to the near future, taking into account the running COVID 19 vaccination programs. Furthermore, they are already spotting trends for summer 2021.

Discover  … Continued

How do airport slots work? – A short insight


The biggest advantage of air taxis and private planes is flexibility. Although travelers can choose when to depart and from which airport, some airports use a slot system for the departure and landing of these aircraft.

But how do these airport slots work?

What is a airport slot?

A slot is a period of time  … Continued

Brexit & Travel Industry: Changes for UK Travelers


After the election of 2016, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. From this point on, the UK and the European Union started their negotiations. These took longer than expected and after years of complex and bitter negotiations, the United Kingdom officially left the European Union on January 31st, 2020. It consequentially applied  … Continued

Take a private jet to the top 10 motorcycle rides in Europe!


In these times it is quite difficult to discover a country in a corona-proof way. Fly Aeolus found the perfect alternative, by motorcycle! Or by car if you do not have a motorcycle. Next to having a sense of calm and ease in your mind, a motorcycle decreases the amount of touchpoints with other people  … Continued

Holland Casino Breda: Among Europe’s Biggest & Best!


Located in the south of the Netherlands and the beautiful province Brabant, Breda will surprise you. When a person wants to visit the Netherlands, Amsterdam is the first thing that pops up in their mind. But is there more than what meets the eye? Breda is a living and burgundy city in the South of  … Continued