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Fly Aeolus connects 1,600 airports in Europe. By using small and large airports, there is always an airport at a 20-minute drive from your departure or arrival address!

The Fly Aeolus Cirrus SR22 sets the innovative standard in air taxi services, it is offering great airport accessibility at affordable fares. Seating 3 passengers comfortably in its sleek design, this air taxi is perfectly for short trips in Europe. Due to its size it lets you land at runways of 1600 airports.

Landing on smaller airports have several advantages, the main advantage is that you can land closer to your destination, second major advantage is a check-in in less than 15 minutes!

Check which airport is located next to your arrival or departure address by using the Fly Aeolus airport calculator.

Charter now your air taxi and travel to one of our 1600 destinations!

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