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Next to the well-known big airports like Frankfurt, Paris and Amsterdam there are several small airports which are not connected by commercial airlines like Lufthansa, British Airways or Easyjet.

Large regional airports such as London or Bristol only serve a limited number of European airports? Therefore finding an airport near your final destination can be a cumbersome task. Long car journeys or train journeys after or before your flight are equally required to reach your desired destination.

Fly Aeolus, connects 1600 airports with cheap private jets in Europe. All these airports & airfields across Europe can be reached in less than 20 minutes by car from your home!

The Fly Aeolus fleet, consisting exclusively of Cirrus SR22 models, sets the innovative standard in air taxi services, it is offering great airport accessibility at affordable fares. Seating 3 passengers comfortably in its sleek design, this air taxi is perfectly for short trips in Europe. Due to its size it even lets you land at runways of small airfields.

Landing at smaller airports has several advantages:

– you will encounter no traffic jams on the way to the airport
– check-in in less than 15 mins
– land closer to your final destination
– fly to 1600 airports in Europe

Use the Fly Aeolus Airport Calculator and our list underneath to check which airport is closest to your point of departure. Charter your air taxi now and travel to one of our 1600 destinations!

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