By Svenja Schumacher

Have you often wondered about the advantages of charter flights to Europe? And whether it is worth spending more money to fly with an air taxi instead of a scheduled flight? If you want to avoid crowded planes, unreliable departure times and long waiting times, then an air taxi is the right alternative for you. Let us explain you why.

1. Save time with an air taxi

Commercial flights require you to be at the airport at least 1.5 to 2 hours before departure. Most of the time you have to wait for a long time in the queue at the counter. Even then, the departure can still be delayed by a few minutes.

With an air taxi all of these problems are solved. You only need to be at the airport 15 minutes before departure. The pilot will greet you, take your luggage and store it in the luggage compartment of the air taxi. Check which luggage regulations apply to air taxis and airlines.

With Fly Aeolus you will be through security in a few minutes and ready to board your own private propeller plane. 15 minutes later you will already be in the air, on your way to your destination. Formalities are taken care of just before the flight, which significantly speeds up the identification check at your destination.

2. Flexibility

Due to the big amount of uncertainty and the countries entry regulations adjusted due the pandemic, flights by commercial airlines are often postponed or canceled at short notice. Many destinations are now being served again by commercial airlines, but flight schedules are very limited and there is no guarantee that they will take off. So if you want to be sure that your flight is safe and at the right time, charter flights to europe are the optimal alternative. You can choose your origin, the destination, the exact time and, if necessary, ask the pilot if a delayed departure would be possible.

3. Absolute safety during the pandemic

Nowadays, flying with commercial airlines is association with certain risks in terms of health safety. You sit quite close to many people for a longer period of time, usually several hours. In addition, the queues due to security checks and check-in procedures at the major airports, the risk of infection increases. Especially when the flight is fully booked or there is a generally high occupancy rate. In order to protect ones health and not to take any risks, more and more people are currently opting for a private flight. In this case, you will only sit with the pilot in the plane after passing by small terminals with a low amount of people. You do not have to wait at crowded airports.
If you want some tips for your next trip during the pandemic, check out our blog!

4. Fly where you want

An advantage of private jet flights, that is especially appreciated by business travelers, is that you have a larger number of airports at your disposal. Flying with our air taxi, you can choose out of 1600 airports in Europe, which allows you to land much closer to your destination and take off just as close to home. It’s mostly the smallness and low demand which allows you to quickly transfer to a car.

reasons to take private jet flights

5. Air Taxi pricing

The prices of commercial airlines are quite dynamic. Prices often skyrocket during certain seasons, such as school vacations or the Christmas season. Also last-minute tickets can be very expensive. Business Travelers mostly have to book their flights at short notice, which is why this can be a problem.

You won’t have this problem with Fly Aeolus Air Taxi, because our prices are not dynamic. In this blog you can learn why commercial airlines differ from those of our Air Taxi and why our prices are in contrast fixed. If you are traveling with one or two colleagues and list hotel, as well as other additional expenses per person, private flight prices can be very affordable or even cheaper than commercial business flights. Fly Aeolus additionally offers special discount packages, which can be especially beneficial for frequent flyers.

Fly Aeolus answers all your questions!

Do you have any unanswered questions about charter flights to europe? Or would you like to charter a Cirrus air taxi? Then you can contact us at any time or also check out our specially created Frequently Asked Questions page. You can find our 1600 destinations on our destinations page. Would you like to know what an air taxi costs? Use our price calculator:

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