Airline network planning for the post-COVID-19 aftermath


Hosted by Stefaan Ghijs, Founder & CEO Fly Aeolus Thursday 9th of July 2020, 16:00 (CET) (Virtual Training Session – 2h)

The current COVID crisis has literally collapsed the demand for air travel. Questions like “How is the demand for air travel changing?”, “What will be the impact on our services?“, “How can we prepare  … Continued

Fly Aeolus launches Aircraft Sales and Acquisition division


Fly Aeolus has launched an aircraft sales and acquisition division next to its existing air taxi service. With this new division Fly Aeolus will further expand its service delivery to its customers. 

Of this recent launch Vincent Wigmans, founder of Fly Aeolus said: “This new aircraft sales and acquisition division is part of our long-term  … Continued

Flight support services


Fly Aeolus Operations offers operational support for external customers!

Aircraft owners and operators know that time is their most valuable asset. Saving time is one of the most significant reasons for operating an own aircraft, it provides more productive time. Most of the owners don’t want to waste time on recurring operational tasks, like Weight  … Continued

Fly Aeolus enjoys a strong growth in 2018


Tonight we close 2018 and welcome the New Year 2019! The last day of December is traditionally the moment to look back at the past year and to see what we accomplished with our team.

2018 clearly is another momentous year for Fly Aeolus. A lot of good and nice memories have been made! Hereby  … Continued

Interested in Fly Aeolus? Check our Press Kit!


Are you interested in writing a review, article or blog post about Fly Aeolus? On this page we have gathered relevant graphic press kit material for you to download and this should include everything you need. Here you will find our brochures, movie, company presentation and images to download. Printed brochures are available upon request. … Continued

Business Airport International Interview


Business Airport International is an international magazine that reviews the world’s of FBOs (fixed base operators) and general and business aviation airports for executive jet operators. Vincent Wigmans of Fly Aeolus was interviewed by the magazine about the popularity of Jet Cards. Jet Cards are basically Pre-paid packages that guarantee an amount of hours for  … Continued

2017 has been a roller coaster ride!


In 2017:

-We moved in Antwerp and Rotterdam to larger offices. -We had a growth of 238%. -We have flown 60 new customers. -We added 3 aircraft to our aircraft pool. -We decreased the amount of repositioning flights to 23%, due to fleet growth. -We had an average of 1.82 passengers per flight. -Our  … Continued

Fly Aeolus at Cirrus NOW in Rotterdam


Cirrus Aircraft is inviting different stakeholders to discover the Cirrus Life and learn about the latest innovations in both the 2017 Cirrus Aircraft G6 and the newly FAA & EASA certified Vision Jet. Fly Aeolus will be present at this event.

Contact us at if you are interested to meet us at Cirrus Life  … Continued

Interview with the Dutch news station BNR Newsradio


BNR Interview; Maastricht Aachen Airport and Fly Aeolus are joining forces!

Facilitating access to the Limburg region – both for individuals and companies – is the shared objective of Fly Aeolus and Maastricht Aachen Airport. Fly Aeolus can fly to new destinations on request from Maastricht Aachen Airport, making the Euregio more accessible. Both parties  … Continued

Interview with Travel Magazine


Fly Aeolus has been interviewed for the Travel Magazine, the leading professional magazine for the Belgian and Luxembourg travel industry. Click for PDF (Dutch). Here the translation of the article:

Fly Aeolus: affordable private flights

Do you sometimes get leisure or business customers looking for comfort and luxury at an affordable price? Then perhaps you can  … Continued

Cooperation Maastricht Aachen Airport and Fly Aeolus


Maastricht Aachen Airport and Fly Aeolus join forces by January 2016.

Facilitating access to the Limburg region – both for individuals and companies – is the shared objective of Fly Aeolus and Maastricht Aachen Airport. Fly Aeolus can fly to new destinations on request from Maastricht Aachen Airport, making the Euregio more accessible. Both parties  … Continued

Interview with one of our pilots Roeland van der Spek


Pilots are important to us and our customers. Therefore, we would like to introduce our pilots to you personally, this time it is Roeland van der Spek.

– Did you always want to be a pilot and what was your career path in becoming a pilot?

My father used to work for Fokker Aircraft and  … Continued

To the British Open with Fly Aeolus


From 12 to 19 July, St Andrews in Scotland will be hosting the greatest golfers in the world as they compete in the annual British Open, one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world.

Are you looking to attend this world-class event in person, but dreading the long check-in time at the airport, the  … Continued

Interview with the Dutch magazine “Luchtvaartnieuws”


Fly Aeolus has been interviewed for the monthly magazine Luchtvaartnieuws. The dutch magazine brings a comprehensive overview of news from the aviation industry. If there is news concerning airlines, airports, tickets, airplanes they will be the first to announce it. Luchtvaartnieuws has contacted Fly Aeolus with the request to have an interview about the  … Continued

Fly and Drive


Friday 10 April marked the first Fly & Drive experience at Budel Airport (Netherlands), organised by Fly Aeolus, Tesla Motors and our other partners. At the event, all-new forms of personal mobility were showcased to both Tesla’s and Fly Aeolus’ current and potential customers.

During this fantastic experience, attendees could take the brand-new Tesla P85D  … Continued

Interview with Memory Publications career book


Fly Aeolus has been interviewed for the yearly employer career book (edition technology) of Memory Publications. Click for PDF (Dutch). Here the translation:

Steefan Ghjis (31) studied Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology. There was a “click” with the aviation industry for years, although he never thought to become an entrepreneur in this industry. … Continued

Android Booking App


From now on you can also book your low cost & affordable private flights with your Android Smart Phone. Download the Fly Aeolus app and book your flights everywhere and whenever you want, easy and without hassle. Download now and save total travel time when booking your flights. Download. … Continued

Online booking system


Fly Aeolus delivers affordable personal flights through an online booking systeem.

Fly Aeolus now also offers affordable private flights via an online booking system!

Fly Aeolus offers a new form of affordable private air transport: the air taxi. Companies and persons with a smaller budget can now also afford private flights.

The new online booking  … Continued

Working in the aviation industry


Becoming a pilot is a childhood dream for many. Flying, lots of travel, beautiful destinations: working in the aviation industry has something magical. But that’s only a one-sided view of the industry. Aviation has many other professions, from logistics and supply chain to hospitality, HRM functions and entrepreneurs. In the following blog we summarized you  … Continued

Interview with UNIZO magazine!


Some 110,000 entrepreneurs are hidden behind the name ‘UNIZO‘. Each and every one of them serves entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. A solid team. Unizo is the largest entrepreneurs’ organization in Flanders and Brussels, they jump into the breach where necessary. They are also the voice of the entrepreneur in Belgium and steps up to  … Continued

IATA Airline Management Course


Understand what it takes to lead an airline to success through this dynamic learning environment! In cooperation with IATA, the International Air Transport Association, Fly Aeolus delivers this highly interactive course from the 20th of June until the 24th of June in Geneva, Switzerland. Using the latest simulation technology, teams explore the factors that determine  … Continued

Interview with the Dutch ‘Financial Times’


Stefaan Ghijs (Fly Aeolus) was interviewed for the entrepreneurial column of the Dutch ‘Financial Times’.

Thirty-year-old finds hole in overcrowded airspace

The cheapest private airline in Northwest Europe. That is what Fly Aeolus wants to become. Under the wings of TU Delft, founder Stefaan Gjis tinkered with the concept for three years. He now transports  … Continued

Participation in European Personal Air Transport Project


Fly Aeolus is proud to announce its membership and funding by the European Commission, within the European 7th Framework Coordination and Support Action ‘SAT-Rdmp’. Together with 13 European partners, Fly Aeolus is defining the roadmap for a sustainable European Small Aircraft Transportation System of the future. … Continued

Interactive courses on Airline Management


Delft University of Technology, Delft TopTech and Fly Aeolus offer the interactive courses ‘Airline Management & Operations’ & ‘Advanced Airline Management’. The four-day interactive courses will take place from 15-18 November and from 22-25 November 2010. For more information check Delft Toptech. … Continued

Fly Aeolus official trainer for IATA


Fly Aeolus has been selected to be one of the Airline Management Integration trainers for IATA (International Air Transport Association). The first training was delivered with success to an African airline. … Continued

Start cooperation with Pan Atlas


2010 started with the beginning of a good cooperation between the charter company Pan Atlas, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and Fly Aeolus.

You can also bring your brand on board!

The level of awareness of a brand or a company is one of the most important factors, as it ultimately has a positive effect  … Continued

Fly Aeolus website online


Fly Aeolus sets the start for an innovation in the business aviation segment and tends to serve its customers with affordable on-demand door-to-door private air services by means of small single engine aircraft, starting in the Spring 2009. Fly Aeolus? services will be available in Northwest Europe. Fly when you want, where you want with  … Continued