Private Jet to Antwerp: Capital of Diamonds, Belgium


Diamonds, global trade, a large seaport and delicious waffles – we are in Flanders, Antwerp Belgium to be precise. In the 15th & 16th centuries, the port of Antwerp, located on the Scheldt, was at times the most important trading metropolis in Europe, eventually displacing Bruges from this position after centuries of rivalry.

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Luxury Travel: Simplon Venice Orient Express


How was luxury travel at the end of the 19th century? Join us on a journey to 1920. Learn more about the origins of the Simplon Venice Orient Express, the destinations, its routes, and what you can expect to pay for your Orientexpress ticket in this blog. 

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Small Plane Runway Length and Landing Guidelines


Before each flight, our operational team at Fly Aeolus checks the technical conditions for take-off and landing. In order for an aircraft to land or take off, the runway must be long enough. How much runway is needed depends on several factors, which we assess before making a quote and commitment to our customers. Also we  … Continued

Private Jet Insider Tips for Nuremberg Airport


As the largest city in Franconia and the second largest city in Bavaria, there is a lot to discover in Nuremberg. We take you to the cultural centre of northern Bavaria and provide you with exclusive tips from our Nuremberg pilots for your private jet trip to Nuremberg Airport. Where do our pilots like to  … Continued

Private Flight to Budapest: Ultimate Sightseeing Highlights


Are you planning a business trip to the capital of Hungary? Fly Aeolus has compiled a flyover of the most beautiful sights and insider tips so that you don’t miss out on experiencing the beauty of Budapest from every angle. With Fly Aeolus’ tips your private flight to Budapest is almost organized.

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