A Private Jet Alternative in Europe

– No direct connections to your final destination?
– Do you want to arrive three hours early at the airport?

Fly Aeolus offers a private jet Europe alternative, connecting 1600 airports across the continent. Depart when you want and land closer to your final destination. As Fly Aeolus operates on regional airports with small comfortable aircraft there is always an airport available within a 20 minutes drive of your origin or destination. You can book an air taxi with the same ease as a normal cab and for the same price of a flight ticket, while halving your total travel time.

Advantages of Fly Aeolus
Low Cost Private Flights

Save travel time

No check-in queues
Check-in 15 minutes before departure
Land closer to your final destination

Affordable private flights

From € 580

Experience the air taxi

Enjoy stunning views
Sit next to the pilot

Fly Aeolus flies green

Choose to offset the CO2 of your journey with Fly Aeolus through GreenSeat. By offsetting the CO2 emissions you are giving households in developing countries access to renewable energy which equals to less CO2.



Larry B.

Kemble — Paris (Le Bourget)

Great experience. Thank you!


Liège — Jena-schöngleina

Thanks, there was nothing to improve. It was absolutely flawless and once more not only …

Jacques D.

Liege — Friedrichshafen

I wanted to quickly take some time thank you for your service and especially also …

Paul K.

Lelystad — Fairoaks

Wonderful trip today from Lelystad to Fairoaks…. We didn’t get the most direct air traffic …

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