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Snowy mountains, cheese, chocolate, pocket knives and luxurious watches are the first things that come into one’s mind while thinking about Switzerland.  This unique country is located in the heart of Europe and known for its neutrality. Although Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, the country managed to adopt laws of the European Union Law, in order to participate in the European Single Market. 

Swiss Alps and Landscape

If you want to explore nature and mountains, Switzerland is the right place for you. The country offers beautiful lakes with breathtaking landscapes like Lake Lucerne. This lake is surrounded by the Alps and the perfect place to go sailing, to hike or to cycle. Additionally, Lake Lucerne has many hotels around its shores, making it therefore a great place for a weekend getaway. If you prefer the mountains, Switzerland offers many resorts in the Alps that allow you to go skiing or snowboarding and explore prominent glaciers such as the Matterhorn glacier. If you are tired of the snow and the cold, Switzerland has many cities, small villages, castles and fortresses that you can visit. Some of these fortresses were built during the medieval time and have been still preserved to this day. By paying a visit to these fortresses, you will be able to jump back in time and get an insight of the daily life in the medieval era. 

Swiss Industry 

Even though the country is small in size, Switzerland’s economy is exceptionally stable and competitive. Switzerland has one of the world’s lowest unemployment rates and highest per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) rates. One of the many reasons why the country’s economy is so strong, is due to the export of luxurious watches and clocks. Switzerland is the leading exporter of high-end watches like Rolex, Omega, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe. Additionally, the country’s pharmaceutical industry is considered to be one of the most competitive in the world. 

Swiss Culture & Food

Swiss culture is characterized by its diversity. Switzerland has four official languages, next to the many dialects that are spoken in the country. The four official languages are German, French, Italian and Romansh. The diversity of the country is also portrayed in the country’s cuisine. In general, the typical Swiss dishes are plain and made out of simple ingredients, such as potatoes and cheese. Nevertheless, dishes in Switzerland can differ from area to area, as the Swiss cuisine is influenced by German, French and Italian dishes. If you are travelling to the western part of Switzerland, you will encounter French-inspired dishes, like Fondue, Raclette or Papet Vaudois, a dish made out of a leek and potato mash, served with a cabbage sausage. Another popular dish in Switzerland is the Rösti, a potato-based dish that is predominantly eaten in the German speaking part of the country. Additionally, this dish is the name giver of the “Rösti Ditch”, an imaginary border between the German and French speaking part of Switzerland.  

Air Traffic in Switzerland 

With around 29 million passengers a year and a total of almost 270.500 flight movements, it is safe to say, that Zürich Airport is the busiest airport in Switzerland. Other significant airports in Switzerland are Geneva Airport, Basel Airport and Bern Airport. However, next to these major airports, Switzerland offers many small airports that are distributed throughout the country. 

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