What are the opening hours of Fly Aeolus?

Fly Aeolus is open 7 days a week from 07:00 – 23:00 CET.

Where can I fly to?

There are 1600 airports located throughout Europe. Each airport has a different set of rules and regulations. For some airports you are only allowed to land with a good visibility and i n daylight while on other airports you can only land using aircraft instruments. Each airport has normal operating hours, which vary by airport. Some airports operate 24/7 . Others may be opened between 7am to 5pm, but can allow passengers to apply for opening extensions if they wish to fly to or from the airport outside the normal operating hours. However these extensions often come with a fee.
When arranging your flight, we will do our best to operate on an arrival and departure airport as close as possible to your final destination. The biggest benefit of using an air taxi service is that in most of the cases you are able to land and depart much closer to your home. The later in comparison with flying on a commercial flight. Check out our air taxi calculator and enter your address, the calculator will show the 3 closest airports near your origin or destination.

How can I best reach Fly Aeolus?

You can call our European sales office at +32 (0)3500 9082 or send an email to: info@flyaeolus.com

How much does an air taxi flight cost?

We have a fleet of 15 Cirrus SR22 aircrafts spread all over Europe. Fly Aeolus offers you the plane closest to your departure point. The offer you receive includes the cost of aircraft positioning, airport charges and, if applicable, overnight costs of the pilot and the private jet. Due to the many requests and the constant changes in our timetables, every offer is subject to availability of aircraft and crew at the time of booking. In general, a flight hour with the Cirrus SR22 costs on average 580.00 EUR. In comparison, a flight hour in a Cessna Mustang Jet costs around 1800.00 EUR.

Do the quotations include all cost?

Our offers include aircraft positioning costs, airport fees and overnights of pilot and aircraft but do exclude de-icing costs, when required.

What is the shared ownership model?

All our flights are executed under a shared ownership model. A new customer is charged a registration fee of € 995.00. By paying this fee you acquire a share in an airplane within Fly Aeolus fleet, giving you access to all aircraft of Fly Aeolus within Europe. This fee will be refunded after deduction of € 150.00 administration costs if you no longer wish to use our services. The first flight will be carried out as a demonstration flight, hence no registration fee is required for your first flight.

Do you have a discount program for frequent travelers?

If you intend to use our services more than once, our membership packages are an attractive alternative to our ad-hoc pricing scheme. You choose a membership that best fits your travel behavior and receive a discount on all your flights. Check our memberships here.

Do I need to pay VAT on air taxi flights?

VAT exemption is applied for all European cross border flights. Domestic flights are taxed within the country of operation.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

In the event of a flight cancellation, Fly Aeolus shall retain a deposit in accordance with our cancellation policy as follows:
Between 168 hours (7 days) and 24 hours prior to the planned departure time a cancellation fee of 25% of the total flight costs shall be applied.
Between 24 and 5 hours prior to the planned departure time a cancellation fee of 50% of the total flight costs shall be applied.
Within 5 hours prior to the planned departure time, or in case of a no-show, a cancellation fee of 100% of the total flight costs shall be applied.
Check our cancellation insurance here. The cancellation insurance offers you the possibility to either cancel your trip or postpone it to a later date.

What happens if the aircraft has a malfunction or technical issue

Aircraft are technical machines, albeit the Cirrus SR22s in our fleet are maintained according to strict European rules it always can happen that a technical issue on the aircraft delays or cancels your private flight. In this case Fly Aeolus will assess firstly if it is able to send in an alternative aircraft and/or pilot to continue your trip, pending availability and airport opening times. If the latter is impossible Fly Aeolus will provide you with an alternative transportation recommendation to continue your trip as soon as possible pending availability. According to the Fly Aeolus general rules and conditions and in case of a cancellation due to technical issues we will fully refund the private flight deducted with the costs for the alternative transportation.

If I accept an offer how can I book a flight?

You can easily reply on the offer or you can call our European sales office at +32 (0)3500 9082.

What happens if there is bad weather on the day of my flight?

Mother Nature sometimes throws a curveball our way and complicates our flight route with obstacles such as high winds, lightning and storms.
We will always monitor weather 24 hour in advance to give you ample notice and assistance with alternative arrangements, if necessary.

What is de-icing?

Planes have “critical areas” which include the wings, horizontal stabilizers, and vertical stabilizer which must be free of contaminants in order to take off safely. A build up of ice or snow on these surfaces not only adds extra weight, but most importantly, it also disrupts the flow of air, which reduces lift. It can also disrupt the movement of the wings’ flaps and ailerons.
The process of de-icing, along with the supplies used to remedy these weather created problems will remove the build-up of any ice and snow accumulated. There is no way to predict how weather will affect your trip, nor is there any way to predict whether deicing will be needed for your flight until the pilot do their pre-flight safety checklist and their aircraft walk-around.
If the pilot does in fact notice any icing or build-up, they will deem the plane to be unsafe to depart until the ice/buildup is removed using deicing solution.
The cost of de-icing an air taxi is billed (at cost) after the flight has been completed. If you don’t want an additional invoice after your flight you can also choose our de-icing insurance, check our de-icing insurance check our de-icing insurance here.

What is the experience of the pilots that fly with a Fly Aeolus air taxi

All Fly Aeolus pilots are pilots that have a commercial pilot license (CPL) or an airline transport pilot license (ATPL). Our pilots have a minimum flying experience of 500 hours and successfully completed the training on the Cirrus SR22.

When do I need to pay?

We only accept pre-departure payments.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept payments by bank transfer, MasterCard/VISA, Ideal, Sofort and Bancontact.

What does Fly Aeolus need to accept my booking?

Fly Aeolus needs a signed flight confirmation which includes all passenger details. We also require a mobile phone number of the main passenger and a copy or scan of all passengers’ passports.

Is it possible to change my booking?

Yes, this is possible pending the time before the actual flight time. If you want to change your booking please let us know as soon as possible.

What is a repositioning flight?

A positioning flight is a flight for the sole purpose of positioning the aircraft to conduct another flight from another airport. This is often done when the aircraft finishes its day in one city but is needed in a different city the following day.

Are children allowed on-board?

Yes, children are allowed. Children aged two and onwards are required by law to have their own seat on-board.

How do you look after my safety?

Your personal safety is of the utmost importance. All aircraft are inspected regularly, and our pilots have a medical check every year. Besides this all aircraft are fit with a CAPS (Cirrus Airframe Parachute System). The CAPS is a whole plane ballistic parachute recovery system designed specifically for the Cirrus aircraft.

When do I receive my ticket?

Fly Aeolus does not supply tickets. 24 hours before the actual departure time you will receive a flight briefing. In this flight briefing all details concerning your flight are mentioned. For example the airport meeting point with the pilot, the pilot’s phone number, the aircraft registration and the arrival address so that your pick-up can be there once you arrive with your own air taxi.

How long before the flight do I need to be at the airport?

You have to be at the meeting point 15 minutes before departure time, the pilot will await you and will guide you together with your luggage to the aircraft. Not being on time can cause delays due to losing airway and airport slots. In the event that the scheduled departure is delayed by more than 15 minutes because of the delayed arrival of passengers, the customer shall be obligated to bear any extra costs arising because of the delayed performance of the flight.

Are there any luggage limitations or recommendations?

The maximum weight for your luggage is 10 kilograms per person. You should always check the size limits of your luggage: the entrance to the Cirrus SR22 luggage compartment is 50 cm x 50 cm. The length in the cargo area is 91 cm, the width 101 cm and the height is 97 cm.

Can I take my dog with me?

Yes, pets with a maximum weight of 12 kg are welcome on-board. All pets must be on a leash and sit on a blanket during the flight. Keep in mind that we can’t fly pets to the UK due to border regulations. Check also our blog about pet travel.

Can I smoke on my flight?


Is there a toilet on board?


Is there internet/wifi on board?


What kind of catering is served on board?

Fly Aeolus serves a bottle water and some candy on all flights.

Do I have to go through security/customs when boarding the aircraft

For all flights you will be subject to immigration and custom control. You will need to provide full passport details in advance and passports will be checked on departure and arrival.

Can you arrange a taxi for me after landing?

Yes, our taxi partner delivers quality transport within Europe. Please let us know up front your final address so we can arrange a taxi that is available directly after you land.

What is an airport slot?

Airport slots are a prior permission from the airport and Air Traffic Control to land at a specific airport during a particular time frame.

Do you have any additional questions about a private jet? Our sales office is happy to assist in answering any of your questions. Please call +32 (0)3500 9082 or mail us at info@flyaeolus.com.