By Aron van Ziel

The pandemic in 2020 had a huge impact on aviation. For example, air traffic was largely halted. Even in the beginning of 2021, the corona crisis is still not under control. Still, air taxi and private jet companies are looking positively at the new year. In this blog we would like to present the expected trends of Fly Aeolus for the year 2021.

Private jet operators become private jet brokers

In the peaks of the corona crisis, many private jet operators received fewer requests. As a result, at the end of 2020, we saw a shift in the activities of several operators. Several private jet operators now offer private jets from other operators in addition to their standard private jet fleet. This means more competition for the traditional private jet brokers.

This trend is expected to continue in 2021. This differentiation ensures a better risk spread.

Not only are private jet operators differentiating, but commercial airlines are also expected to expand their services. One possible option is private flights. Several airlines such as Qatar Airwaya and Lufthansa already have a private jet branch that focuses on the higher market segment.

Private jet in 2021

Purchasing an airplane

More frequent travelers will be more likely to purchase a private plane in 2021, rather than rent it. By purchasing your own private plane, traveling becomes extremely flexible, as you decide when you leave. Not only people are more likely to purchase a plane, but this also applies to companies. It is expected that more company jets will be purchased so that directors and CEOs can still fly to a destination despite the possible travel restrictions.

More or fewer flights in 2021?

International travel restrictions mean fewer flights are operated by commercial airlines. In some cases, flight routes are even completely canceled. This shows the advantage of a private jet. With a private jet you can decide for yourself where you fly to and when. This way you are not dependent on the flight times of a commercial airline.

In addition, it is also safer to travel with a private jet in times of Corona. Due to the current pandemic we are in, many congresses and appointments have been canceled in a physical way. These have either been canceled or continued online. This has also had an effect on private aviation. Because fewer people went to conferences abroad, there was also less flying. This trend is expected to continue for some time, certainly at the beginning of 2021.

Change of flights

With fewer people flying for work, there will be a change in the type of travel people will take in 2021. There will be fewer business trips and more private travel. People are more likely to work from home. The trend that is therefore expected in 2021 is that people will move to their second home abroad more often. Because they can also work from there.

Electric flying

In recent years there have already been significant developments in the field of electric flying. Several companies are working on the development of an electric aircraft. Several test flights have also been done, such as with an electric Cessna 208. The plane flew on electricity for about 30 minutes.

The development of electric aircraft is expected to continue in 2021. However, no major steps will be taken yet. For example, the company Wright Electric wants to put the first electric aircraft on the market in 2030.

The Cessna 208, electric plane

2021 for Fly Aeolus

In 2021 Fly Aeolus wants to fly you to all kinds of beautiful places again. Due to the pandemic, rules can sometimes change. Fly Aeolus continuously evaluates the corona restrictions of all destinations and always communicates this with the customer. The Fly Aeolus fleet mainly consists of the Cirrus SR22. This aircraft is compact and can therefore land at almost all airports. Fly Aeolus can land at more than 1600 airports throughout North West Europe. Through our price calculator you can see exactly what the costs will be of your trip.

The trends in 2021 with regard to private aviation are mainly related to the Corona virus. Airlines will differentiate in the market, there will be a change in types of travel and people and companies are more likely to purchase an airplane. Also, the development of electric aircraft will continue. In addition to these trends, which are mainly related to the pandemic, there are other trends in business aviation.