By Svenja Schumacher

About 35% of all flights with private aircraft take place without passengers. Since even at Fly Aeolus not every flight is occupied by passengers. Those so-called “Empty Leg Flights” can be booked with different operators and sometimes with Fly Aeolus. It is an opportunity to get cheap last minute flights, but there might be some caveats. How Empty Legs come about, you will learn in this blog!

What are empty legs?

Most often, Empty Legs occur when the customer’s departure location does not match the aircraft’s base or current station. For example, when a customer books a flight from Bremen to Frankfurt, but the aircraft is still in an other destination. Hence the operator must therefore first fly the aircraft to Bremen, which would be the empty flight. So when the private jet does have to fly back to its base or to the a next origin of operation without passengers, this empty leg flight can be offered by an operator at a comparatively lower price.

Empty legs can also arise when a client’s stay in their destination is longer than 2 to 3 days. Mostlt an operator will fly the aircraft back to its base for cost reasons unless it can pick up some other passenger on the way back. This return flight and the renewed flight to the destination therefore takes place without passengers.

Empty leg flights

In the first case the pilot brings the passengers to their destination and flies back home without them. This flight is the empty leg flight.
In the second case, the pilot has to fly to airport B for picking up the passengers and to fly them to airport C. That means that flight A to B and flight C to A are empty leg flights.

Why book an empty flight?

As already mentioned, the routes with free seats or empty legs are cheaper than the conventional booking of private flights: The price is noticeably lower than the usual charter costs. In our blog you can learn how the charter flight prices of Fly Aeolus are set up.

Empty Legs deals may inspire you to travel to new destinations. Since only certain routes are available at a given time, which have been selected and booked by others, the selection might give you new ideas and make a trip possible that you haven’t thought of before.

As far as the arrival and departure are concerned, however, passengers have to be a little more flexible. However, if everything fits for the customer, they get a comfortable and stress-free flight at a reasonable price. For the passengers it is important to know that the Empty Legs are dependent on the original booking. This means that if the flight that causes the free seat is cancelled, this free seat may no longer be available.

Cirrus SR 22 Empty leg

For families, individuals or business travellers, empty legs can be an opportunity. Hence they are an upgrade to the original travel plans and make the travel even more comfortable. Or an empty leg offers the opportunity to make a spontaneous private flight.

What does an empty leg flight cost?

The prices for our empty-leg flights are recalculated for each flight. They depend on many different factors, such as the length of the route and how many people are travelling. Therefore, we can not prepare a fixed price list.

Often empty leg flights also arise at very short notice, which is why they cannot always be planned far in advance. It is therefore always worth asking whether empty legs are available with the operator.

Empty leg seats with Fly Aeolus

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