Private jet to Geneva – the must-see places to visit


If you are travelling to Switzerland, whether for business or pleasure, don’t miss the city of Geneva. Situated at the bottom of the Alps and at the south-western end of Lake Geneva, this city can satisfy both mountain lovers and those who prefer aquatic activities. Considered one of the most important cities in the world  … Continued

Best wine regions in Europe to visit by private jet


Wine is synonymous with culture, lifestyle and pleasure. It complements a dinner or provides comfort at less festive times. Wine lovers around the world gather to celebrate the noble drop at wine festivals. To have a tasting, or simply to enjoy an evening with friends over a glass of wine. In this article, we have  … Continued

What is an FBO? Explaining the terminal for private jets


Private jet terminals, known as FBOs, are often overlooked by travelers. Even though, they offer greater possibilities and avoid the dreaded wait at major airports. If you want to know more about how these terminals are operating and the benefits they offer, do check our blog underneath.

What is an FBO?

FBO stands for Fixed  … Continued