By Laura Vieth

When you hear the word Bavaria, everyone immediately thinks about Oktoberfest and Lederhosen. But the biggest federal state in Germany has a lot more to offer. Besides big cities like Munich and Nürnberg, the Bavarian Forest and the Alps, Bavaria has over 180 golf courses, where you not only can play but also enjoy the stunning nature all in one.

In this blog, you can read all about the best golf courses in Bavaria, which are all named in “the leading golf clubs of Germany” and how you can easily get there with a private jet. If you are rather interested in the best golf resorts in Europe, check this blog later.

Golfclub am Reichswald e.V. (Nürnberg)

The first golfclub on our list is the golfclub am Reichswald in Nürnberg. It has a beautiful 18-Hole course created by the famous golf course architect Bernhard von Limburger. You have to overcome several bunkers and water hazards on the course, so tactic plays a big role. After a tiring play, you can go to the club’s restaurant and enjoy delicious food and franconian specialties.  

The golf club is located just north of the airport in Nürnberg and therefore it will only take you about 15 minutes to arrive. It has a GAT (General Aviation Terminal) which means you will have a quick check-in time when flying back.

Wittelsbacher Golfclub Rohrenfeld- Neuburg e.V.

The next golf club is Wittelsbacher Golfclub Rohrenfeld- Neuburg closely located to Ingolstadt. The golf course got created by the Dutch golf course architect Joan Dudok van Heel. Around the 18-holes there are over 200 years old trees. The club has already been the host to several international championships of Germany. In their elegant restaurant, you can enjoy a fabulous meal and end the day with a drink on the big terrace overlooking the course. If you like the English cottage style there is the opportunity to stay in one of the 20 rooms the hotel offers. 

From the nearest airport in Ingolstadt (Manching) it’s only 25 minutes to the golf course. The airport is open from 9 to 17 o’clock (Monday-Thursday) and from 9 to 14 o’clock on fridays.

Golfclub München Eichenried

The third golfclub is the golfclub München Eichenried. It is located in the northeast of Munich. It has 3 9-hole courses that you can combine to 27-holes or play separately. There is also a 6-hole short course for practice. Since 1989 the golf club hosts the BMW International Open, part of the European Tour. The clubhouse offers a big restaurant with a bistro and bar, two terraces and a huge event area. The food is made out of products from the region and, if possible, bio quality. 

The golf club is only 15 minutes away by car to the Munich airport, where you can land at the General Aviation terminal, which is open every day from 6am to 10pm.

The leading Golf clubs of Germany

“The leading Golf clubs of Germany” association includes 36 excellent golf clubs. They all have to go through a check of 40 different criteria to be added to the association. If you want to play more beautiful and neat golf courses in Bavaria or another federal state then you can go to the “The leading Golf clubs of Germany” website and check out all the other golf clubs listed.

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