Whether it is a business trip or a holiday, Fly Aeolus reduces the total travel time to half compared with regular transportation. Being a Fly Aeolus’ Executive Member offers the advantage of being picked up from where you are and taking you to the nearest airport to board, fly directly and safely to the final destination of your choice. Cancellation because of overbooking, transfers, inflexible airline schedules and high ticket-change fees are in the past when you fly with your own aircraft with Fly Aeolus’ private door-to-door air services. Click in the map to see how long it takes to you to fly to your destination using your Cirrus SR22.

  • 1 hr
  • 2 hrs
  • 3 hrs

Your Cirrus SR22 aircraft has access to 1200 low traffic airports so you experience the time saving advantages of airports not served by regular airlines, with private terminals and inexpensive or free parking. All aircraft are operated in a fractional ownership model, giving Fly Aeolus’ Executive Members the right to use and decide on their contracted and shared aircraft.

Fly Aeolus’ safety during flights is safeguarded by:

  • The Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System (CAPS)
  • Regular audits on European airline regulations guaranteeing the same quality compared to aircraft charters and airlines
  • Experienced and trained pilots

Aircraft characteristics

Single engine aircraft

Maximum 3 passengers

Flies 390 km/hr

At an altitude of 3,5 km

Aircraft pictures

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