By Alexandra Aigner

Take a private jet to the Austrian city of Innsbruck and land at the most conveniently located airport in Western Austria. The airport is just 6 kilometers from the city centre. From there, you can drive to other famous cities such as Munich in Germany, Kitzbühel or Bolzano in Italy within an hour. In this article, we give you a brief overview of the historic city of Innsbruck, as well as the best ski resorts that can be reached from Innsbruck in just a few minutes!

By private jet to Innsbruck Airport

From 6:30am to 8pm, private jets can land or take off at Innsbruck Airport. Your flight should be registered with the airport at least three days before departure. This request is necessary because Innsbruck airport, with only one runway, can be very busy, especially in winter.

Many well-known companies are based at Innsbruck Airport or have temporary offices there. Companies from the sectors of infrastructure and transport, services and tourism, and gastronomy are represented. Innsbruck airport offers strong synergy effects.

Winter paradise in the Alps of Innsbruck

summit of mountain covered with snow under white and blue sky, Innsbruck Austria

The 13 ski resorts in the Innsbruck region offer plenty of variety for your winter holiday. Especially on the Stubai Glacier, Austria’s largest glacier ski area, the greatest piste pleasure awaits you. If you want to enjoy the Austrian pistes, also read our blog on the top 5 ski resorts in Austria.

The city of Innsbruck is famous for its wide variety of winter sports, which is why the city has hosted several sporting events in the past, including the Olympic Games. Innsbruck is also one of the four venues of the famous Four Hills Tournament, a ski jump sporting event consisting of four games of ski jumping. The event usually takes place around the turn of the year at one of the four venues, including Innsbruck.

The best restaurants in Innsbruck

Despite the winter landscape, dining al fresco is a popular choice in Innsbruck. On the roof terrace of the well-known restaurant Lichtblick, you can enjoy stunning panoramic views while enjoying modern Austrian cuisine.

If you love fine dining, then Das Schindler is the restaurant for you. Its beautiful interior and exquisite cuisine provide the perfect backdrop for an enchanting evening, especially if you fancy something classy.

When is the best time to go to Innsbruck? 

The city of Innsbruck in the state of Tyrol is a famous winter sports destination, but also a wonderful place to visit in summer. The best summer travel time for Innsbruck in Austria is in July and August. During this period, you will have pleasant temperatures and little precipitation.

Five-star hotels, fine dining, pampering and boutique shopping are all waiting for you, but in winter, the perfect ski facilities are also waiting for you.

The road to Innsbruck can be long, especially if you are travelling there by car. Moreover, there can be a lot of snow on the roads in winter, an inconvenience you might prefer to avoid. What better way to arrive in this beautiful and historic mountain city by private plane or charter?

Why take a private jet to Innsbruck Austria? 

Flying privately generally has many advantages. Located in the Alps, Innsbruck can be quite difficult to reach by car. When flying on a scheduled flight, the chaos at large airports can cause long waiting times. Sometimes even longer than the duration of the final flight.

With a private flight from Fly Aeolus, you need to be at the airport 15 minutes before departure. With commercial airlines, this is often 3 to 5 hours.

Fly Aeolus flies you from your desired departure location to Innsbruck in Austria in record time. You fly comfortably over traffic jams and have no problems putting snow chains on your car. At a top speed of around 300 kilometers per hour, you will fly over the beautiful countryside. In no time, you will be in the snow-covered Alps.

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