By Svenja Schumacher

Fly Aeolus welcomes a new member to its fleet: the Piper PA46 Meridian based in Dijon. In order to be able to offer our passengers more cabin space and more all-weather reliability, we have chosen the single-engine aircraft for 5 passengers from the manufacturer Piper Aircraft Corporation. This aircraft combines jet fuel performance with the latest technology and safety features, and is as well as stylish, elegant luxury.

Piper PA46 Meridian

The Piper PA46 Meridian

For an efficient operation and good performance, this aircraft sets a high standard that satisfies demanding customers. The Piper PA46 Meridian is about 9 metres long and 3.4 metres high. It has a propeller engine and flies with an output of 500 hp. With a range of about 1953 kilometres and a top speed of 482km/h, this aircraft can easily take you to more distant destinations. For take-off, the Piper needs a runway distance of about 743 metres, while 643 metres are sufficient for landing. In addition to its own weight, the aircraft can carry about 770kg.

Piper PA46 Meridian Cockpit

What does the Piper PA46 Meridian have to offer?

The Piper PA46 Meridian is the answer to the question “What if the performance of a high-end piston engine from Cirrus is no longer sufficient?”. Because this aircraft can get business travellers to their destination in almost all weather conditions. Most of the time, the aircraft and its turbine move above the weather at high altitude without loss of power. Even icy wings are no obstacle thanks to the de-icing system.

The pilot and passengers can make themselves comfortable on 6 seats in the air-conditioned pressurised cabin. Two occupants can sit in the front and four people can sit comfortably in the club seats in the rear. This allows you to look and talk directly to your co-passengers. For passengers, there is much to like about the spacious Piper Meridian with its leather interior and good equipment, especially when compared to its smaller piston competitors. At a maximum cruising altitude of 10 000 feet, passengers enjoy low noise and vibration levels from the Meridian’s turboprop engine. The redesign of the cockpit side panels and the fold-down backrests have further improved comfort for the pilot and co-pilot.

Piper PA46 Meridian Lifestyle

The Piper Meridian impresses with outstanding flight performance and low operating costs. The operating cost per flight hour is around the double of our Cirrus SR22 aircraft, though because its increased speed you will get to your destination faster. The single-engine turboprop aircraft can transport six people at a speed of 482 km/h over a distance of 1,852 kilometres.

The first flight of the model took place in 1998 and since then it has been constantly improved by the manufacturer. Since 2011, the Meridian has also been certified for unpaved runways, which significantly increases the number of possible airports in Europe. Because of this, and because of its unparalleled reliability thanks to the Pratt & Whitney engine, most mission profiles can be covered.

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