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A private jet to Newcastle. A visit to Durham Cethedral, a wander across the Gateshead Millennium bridge or a view of the largest angel in the world. In this blog we explain how this can be done and why you should visit Newcastle once. It will show special sights, wonderful hotels to stay at and the airport that is best to use.

Private jet Newcastle, sightseeing at its best

Visit Newcastle by air taxi

Gateshead Millenium Bridge

This bridge connects Newcastle to Gateshead across the River Tyne. It is at its most beautiful when it tilts completely. When the bridge opens it’s like it’s winking; locals call it the ‘winking bridge’. With a private flight to Newcastle, you can visit this bridge!

Visit the Gateshead millenium brigde with a private flight to Newcastle

National glass centre

This museum displays the most beautiful remelted glasses. They are also made there. You can enjoy 40 glassblowers at once. There is also an opportunity to participate in a glass blowing workshop. You can visit the website of the National Glass center to get information about the course.

Go to the National Glass Center by private flight to Newcastle

Angel of the north

This angel, at 20 meters tall, is probably the largest angel in the world, the pride of England. Built in 1998, this statue is a symbol of the rich mining and shipbuilding industry. Its span is 54 meters and it weighs a whopping 208 tons.

Visit the sting of the north with a private flight to Newcastle

Durham Cathedral

This 1,000-year-old cathedral overlooks the town of Durham from its highest point. It is one of the most beautiful Norman cathedrals in the world and has therefore been given the World Heritage title. The church is still in use and therefore attracts hundreds of worshippers every year. A visit to this church is highly recommended.

Visit Durham Cathedral by private flight to Newcastle

Grainger market

In the middle of Newcastle you can find this indoor market, Grainger market. There are all kinds of products, from fish to video games, for sale. It is an extremely beautiful building to visit. This market is worth a longer visit, but it is also highly recommended for a quick food break. 

Visit Grainger market by private flight to Newcastle

Hotels for your stay in Newcastle

Maldron hotel Newcastle

This beautiful hotel is located in downtown Newcastle. The hotel has an excellent location, with all the city’s attractions right on your doorstep. The hotel has a restaurant and a bar. Rooms can also be rented out at the hotel for meetings or presentations.

Leonardo hotel Newcastle

This 4-star hotel is located in the heart of Newcastle. In the restaurant there is a bar and restaurant, Room service is available for enthusiasts. There is plenty of space to work in the lobby and rooms.

Private jet airport Newcastle

Newcastle has its own airport, Newcastle International. The airport is open 24 hours a day. It is easily accessible by public transportation; subway, bus or train. The airport is about 15 minutes from the city center.

A private jet to Newcastle

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Getting to know England by private jet?

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