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Do you often travel for business and have ever wondered how to simplify your travels? Or you just need some information about the current situation because you want to travel? Fly Aeolus has some tips and advice for you! Take a look at our blog and find interesting articles.

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Empty leg flights : You will save even more


About 35% of all flights with private aircraft take place without passengers. Since even at Fly Aeolus not every flight is occupied by passengers. Those so-called “Empty Leg Flights” can be booked with different operators and sometimes with Fly Aeolus. It is an opportunity to get cheap last-minute flights, but there might be some caveats.  … Continued

A new member to our private jet fleet: The Piper PA46 Meridian


Fly Aeolus welcomes a new member to its fleet: the Piper PA46 Meridian based in Cannes and Dijon. In order to be able to offer our passengers more cabin space and more all-weather reeliability, we have chosen the single-engine aircraft for 5 passengers from the manufacturer Piper Aircraft Corporation. This aircraft combines jet fuel performance  … Continued

Tips for your private charter flight booking


Do you want to learn more about how to properly book a private charter flight and what to look out for? There are some things that are often not considered, but could be important when booking a private jet. That’s why we have written the following blogs for you which explain all important points.

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5 reasons to take private jet flights with Fly Aeolus


Have you often wondered about the advantages of charter flights to Europe? And whether it is worth spending more money to fly with an air taxi instead of a scheduled flight? If you want to avoid crowded planes, unreliable departure times and long waiting times, then an air taxi is the right alternative for you.  … Continued

Top 10 gadgets to pack for your next private flight!


Are you planning your next trip and already thinking about what to pack? Most of us had moments on our trips when we wished there was a product that solved certain problems. Fly Aeolus has collected some ideas for items that shouldn’t be missing from your packing list for your upcoming vacation or business trip!  … Continued