By Karolin Span

Fly Aeolus knows the aircraft industry ins-and-out and is aware of the latest updates. We are also always aware of the exact locations of different private aircraft. If you are interested in renting a private plane then you can read all the tips & trics for renting a private jet in this blog.

An exact departure and final destination

Fly Aeolus always chooses the most convenient airport for you, closer to your final destination. When flying, people often first consider larger commercial airports, such as Schiphol Airport or Rotterdam The Hague Airport. However, there are numerous smaller airports in the Netherlands from which private aircraft can depart. This often allows you to leave much closer to your home than you are used to. Not only in the Netherlands are many small airports but also throughout Europe you will find many airports where a private jet can land. This often allows you to land within a 20-minute radius of your final destination. Fly Aeolus can land at more than 1,600 airports in its service area. These small airports often charge lower landing and handling fees, saving you up to several hundred dollars.

Your same day arrival times can save money

The cost of a same day outbound and return flight is often lower than if you choose to fly back on a different day. This difference is because private aircraft often fly back to their home airport. This causes the aircraft to go up and down twice if you choose to fly back on a different day. Planning your trip smartly so that you can possibly fly back on the same day can save you a lot of money in some cases.

List your additional requirements

Making a smart choice regarding the type of aircraft can make a big difference in the final price. Fly Aeolus always evaluates whether the Cirrus SR22 is the most efficient aircraft for your demand. Therefore, it is important to match the right aircraft with your travel requirements. For this reason, always indicate in advance how many people you are traveling with, whether you are bringing pets and how much luggage you want to carry. By letting us know your travel requirements in time, we can find the best matching aircraft for you.

Indicate how many fellow passengers you wish to travel with

A group trip with your own private aircraft can pay off faster than you think. In most cases, the price you pay for a private flight is the price for the entire aircraft. So why not fill all the seats and split the cost between you? A private flight for a group is then often more economical compared to a commercial flight with a traditional airline.

Advantages of a private aircraft

The biggest advantage of a private aircraft always remains travel time savings and flexibility. On shorter routes, propeller aircraft are still the best solution. Due to the performance of these aircraft, they have enough for a short runway. This increases the choice of possible airports. Even an airport with a grass runway is also a possibility. The price of a propeller aircraft compared to a private jet can be as much as 20% lower. By the way, small airports equal short check-in times and no security lines. At most of the airports where Fly Aeolus operates you only need to be present 20 minutes before departure.

Fly Aeolus allows you to fly economically and efficiently throughout northern and western Europe by private aircraft. Calculate your flight price for your upcoming trip now!