By Stefaan Ghijs

Cirrus Aircraft is inviting different stakeholders to discover the Cirrus Life and learn about the latest innovations in both the 2017 Cirrus Aircraft G6 and the newly FAA & EASA certified Vision Jet. Fly Aeolus will be present at this event.

Contact us at if you are interested to meet us at Cirrus Life and decrease the direct operating cost of your Cirrus while still maintaining full control over your Cirrus. We are more then willing to explain the Fly Aeolus model at the Cirrus Life event in Rotterdam.

Date & Time

8 June 2017


Worldhotel Wings

Rotterdam Airport 55

3045 AP Rotterdam

The Netherlands

About Fly Aeolus

Flying a Cirrus is fun and adventurous but can be quiet expensive. While trying to reduce costs by renting out your Cirrus, you risk that renters might not take sufficient care of your asset. Fly Aeolus is an on-demand door-2-door air taxi platform. We reduce the cost of ownership by linking spare capacity with customers; customers which are looking for affordable private flights. With our young team existing out of 12 international colleagues we are democratizing private air travel in Europe. All aircraft are operated by experienced commercial pilots taking full care of your asset.

Due to the growing demand Fly Aeolus is looking to increase its capacity. As it operates aircraft on first availability, adding your aircraft to the fleet increases flexibility and reliability for both Fly Aeolus and yourself as an owner; being in maintenance pooled aircraft can provide you with an alternative Cirrus.