By Yasmin Balent

We have recently added 3 new Cirrus SR22 aircraft to our fleet. These aircraft are based in Essen, Hamburg and Kulmbach. These new additions to the fleet is part of Fly Aeolus’ long-term strategy. With a growing and more widespread offering in Europe, Fly Aeolus offers its regional customers new travel opportunities and lowers the cost of air taxi flights from the region, in this case especially in the “Ruhrgebiet” area but also throughout North Rhine-Westphalia. With our new aircraft stationed in Hamburg, the flights offered to our customers in the north of Lower Saxony will be extended and the prices will be reduced, this also applies across Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Our Cirrus SR22 in Kulmbach reduces the cost of a flight for our customers in Northern Bavaria, Thuringia and Hesse.

Cirrus SR 22 aircraft

Fly Aeolus

Since its inception in 2009, Fly Aeolus has been the European leader in low-cost taxi flights, offering its customers a cost-effective way to save travel time. The Cirrus SR22 is a four-seat single engine aircraft built by Cirrus Aircraft in Duluth, Minnesota. Since 2003, the series has been the best-selling single-engine piston aircraft in the world. As an additional safety feature the Cirrus SR22 is equipped with a parachute system for the entire aircraft. This safety system has contributed to the sales success of this aircraft. The Cirrus SR22 is the fastest and most comfortable aircraft in its class, making it ideal for travellers who want to save time.

More information about Fly Aeolus services can be found in the official Fly Aeolus press kit. For flight pricing to your destination, please refer to the Fly Aeolus Flight Calculator.

Safe travel time, Fly Aeolus!