By Fly Aeolus

Maastricht Aachen Airport and Fly Aeolus join forces by January 2016.

Facilitating access to the Limburg region – both for individuals and companies – is the shared objective of Fly Aeolus and Maastricht Aachen Airport. Fly Aeolus can fly to new destinations on request from Maastricht Aachen Airport, making the Euregio more accessible. Both parties see great advantages in this cooperation, and assume that the destinations of your own choice perfectly fit to the current destinations from Maastricht Aachen Airport.

Who is Maastricht Aachen Airport?

Maastricht Aachen Airport is focused on the transportation of passengers and cargo. In 2011 she was appointed as an airport of national importance in an aviation note from the Dutch government. Together with airlines they are continuously looking to add new routes to the network. The airport offers residents and companies in the region a wide range of services from ‘their’ airport. Maastricht Aachen Airport’s objective is to deliver a complete service in the field of private and business aviation from the new Jetcenter at the airport.

Who Fly Aeolus?

Fly Aeolus offers since 2009 a new format of affordable private air travel by private aircraft / airtaxi. With Fly Aeolus the traveler can determine when and where he wants to fly into Europe. From Maastricht Aachen Airport Fly Aeolus can reach major cities like London, Berlin or Munich in less than two hours. From Maastricht Aachen Airport it is possible to reach 1600 destinations in Europe. Fly Aeolus delivers the flexibility of a private jet, but at half the price. In addition, Fly Aeolus lands even closer to the final destination, making the final journey shortened by 50%. Please check out our flight calculator and enter your departure or arrival address, our system will show the 3 closest airports near your destination. 

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