By Stefaan Ghijs

In 2017:

-We moved in Antwerp and Rotterdam to larger offices.
-We had a growth of 238%.
-We have flown 60 new customers.
-We added 3 aircraft to our aircraft pool.
-We decreased the amount of repositioning flights to 23%, due to fleet growth.
-We had an average of 1.82 passengers per flight.
-Our longest flight was 4:08 hours.
-Our average flight time was 2:16 hours.
-Our shortest flight was 0:07 minutes.
-At the top of the season we operated 9 flights a day.
-We welcomed 5 new colleagues.
-We arranged private jets and helicopters.
-We did the quickest turnaround, from landing, meeting the passengers, boarding the aircraft, performing the safety briefing to taking off again: all-in 16 minutes.
-We introduced 3 special discounted flight packages for our frequent flyers.
-We had several famous DJ’s and soccer players on board.
-Our pictures on google maps have been visited more than 1 million times.
-We introduced a live chat on our website that been visited many times by customers.
-We started a base in Berlin.
-We delivered an E-book for the business traveler.
-Last but not least we had a lot of Friday afternoon beers! 😉

Thanks to all our customers and followers for the support, we look forward to a great and challenging 2018!