By Fly Aeolus

Fly Aeolus has been interviewed for the Travel Magazine, the leading professional magazine for the Belgian and Luxembourg travel industry. Click for PDF (Dutch). Here the translation of the article:

Fly Aeolus: affordable private flights

Do you sometimes get leisure or business customers looking for comfort and luxury at an affordable price? Then perhaps you can introduce them to Fly Aeolus. Fly Aeolus is an aviation company that offers affordable private flights with a private plane and private pilot. It is the first company that offers private flights with 1-engine aircraft (Cirrus SR22), and this in Northwest Eruopa. They fly at no less than 1600 airport and this in a very short time. In general, the journey time is shortened by 50%! For example, you fly the Brussels-Nice route in three hours. The most important USP of Fly Aeolus are the single-engine aircraft which can carry up to three passengers.

Each passenger can carry up to 10 kilos of luggage. Fly Aeolus is an easily accessible concept, it is less expensive than a business jet but offers the same comfort. You can compare it with a last-minute business ticket. Travel agents who sell Fly Aeolus flights can count on a commission for this. This depends on the type of flights and the number of requests. Fly Aeolus has two offices: in Antwerp (Antwerpen Airport) and in Rotterdam (Rotterdam Airport Business Center).

If you want to use Fly Aeolus, you first have to pay a one-time fee of 995 € to become co-owner of an airplane. When you decide not to fly anymore, you get that fee back. Prices from 220 € per passenger/airplane hour.