By Stefaan Ghijs

Fly Aeolus Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions is specialized in the sales and acquisition of private and corporate aircraft. Buying or selling an aircraft is a very detailed and daunting process.

Fly Aeolus Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions has therefore assembled a team with the experience and abilities to streamline this entire process. With our team we reduce the stress of selling a used aircraft by managing the entire sales process, from pricing and advertising to negotiating purchase agreements and closing.

Through our acquisition services, we help those who are looking to purchase or upgrade an aircraft, we will identify the right make and model that fits your mission.

aircraft sales

If you are looking to sell or acquire an aircraft, Fly Aeolus Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions should be your preferred partner. Our experienced team will collaborate with you throughout the whole process and act solely on your behalf!

Interested? Please check our Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions website and contact us today at or at 0032-35009082