Hire a private jet and avoid the stress at big airports


For many holidaymakers the holiday begins when they have parked their car in the airport car park and go to the departure terminal. If you only fly two or three times a year, the waiting times may not be a problem. For example, being there 2 to 3 hours before departure and going through the  … Continued

Happy New Year! The top 5 destinations for New Year’s Eve


The year is coming to an end once again, we have enlightening and exciting 12 months behind us. Everyone has experienced and grown his own great highlights and defeats. Whether from home or from your vacation locaton, let’s look back and celebrate the old year and cheers on the new one!

We have gathered our  … Continued

Top Events within Europe


Private jets take off and land 365 days a year at your preferred times. They fly you to the most extraordinary places in the world. However, there are some top events that attract many private jet users. Here is a small selection of top events that private jet users enjoy attending.


Founded in 1988,  … Continued

Private Jet Rotterdam: A practical guide to visit the city.


Second city of the Netherlands next to Amsterdam, Rotterdam represents the industrial heart of the country. Its geographical position, at the mouth of the Rhine and the Meuse, gives it a strategic global trading position. Indeed, the Rotterdam harbor is the 9th world port, and the first European port. But Rotterdam is not just an industrial city. In our opinion, visiting  … Continued

Bring your brand on board!


The level of awareness of a brand or a company is one of the most important factors, as it ultimately has a positive effect on the purchase decision. This is confirmed by a report from last year’s IBTM World, which explains that increasing brand awareness is a key objective of events. Companies of all kinds,  … Continued

International Business : 5 tips for your success


Globalization and digitization are taking today’s economy to a whole new level. Customers, suppliers and business partners are suddenly spread all over the world, living in different time zones and speaking different languages. Companies, even the small ones, need to optimize and adapt their business models and strategies to stay a market leader of an international business.   This  … Continued

Hannover Fair


Every year, the Industrial Fair, which is of great international importance, takes place in Hannover, on the world’s largest exhibition grounds.The next industrial fair is in 2021, and it will opens its doors from 12 to 16 April.

With its 6500 exhibitors and over 215,000 visitors, this fair is the event for industrial innovation in  … Continued

Private jet to Munich: Top 5 things to do


Munich is not only the state capital of Bavaria, but also one of the most attractive travel destinations in Germany, for both business and tourism. Therefore, Munich is the ideal place for a weekend getaway with an air taxi!

With a private jet you are able to avoid long queues and traffic at the Munich  … Continued