By Fly Aeolus

You are not simply a TU Delft engineer for a moment: it will leave an impression on your whole life. It is something you can carry with pride!


This was the reason why we have been invited for an interview by the redaction of the Delftsch Studenten Corps (DSC) fraternity alumni newspaper. The Delftsch Studenten Corps asked for tips for the current Members who want to follow their dreams. We have some other TU Delft students and ex students working in our company, please check our about us page to see who they are.

The link to the interview. (Dutch)

And here the intorcution of the article:

In the Waag in Delft we met Stefaan Ghijs. He is a former member (1998, club Gletscher) and now a successful entrepreneur. At a young age he has his own airline established for private flights.
He knows a place with his company “Fly Aeolus” in the so-called air taxi business. Fly Aeolus only really got off the ground last year.
The first customers already flew to various destinations in northern Europe, but now his company is growing really on schedule. The start of all this began during the crisis, in the year 2006. He tells us all about his business, questions that slowly surface are how
he got all this done so soon after college and what has his membership meant? We also asked him for tips for the current Members who are wanting to go after him and its relationship to his study time, the Lustra he went through on the DSC and its relatively short period after Delft.

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