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The Netherlands, a country known for windmills, wooden shoes, colorful tulip fields and cheese. Although Amsterdam is the number one tourist destination in the Netherlands, the country offers many other cities that are worth visiting. 

Dutch Landscape & Sea

As the name already suggests, the Netherlands is the lowest country in Europe and one of the lowest countries in the world. About 26% of the whole country is located below sea level and around 60% of the population is living 5 meters above the sea level. For this reason, the Dutch became proficient in building dikes, to keep the water out of the cities. Additionally, due to historical floods, parts of the country’s land got flooded and disappeared into the water. However, Dutch ambition made it possible to find a way to reclaim flooded land back. With special techniques, the Netherlands reclaimed lost land back. They also managed to build the country’s twelfth province, known as Flevoland. This province is located in the former Zuiderzee and considered to be the biggest artificial island in the world. 

Dutch Industry 

Although the Netherlands is a rather small country, the Dutch economy is in contrast incredibly big, competitive and highly developed. Dutch industries focus mostly on food processing, chemicals, natural gas and petroleum and electrical machinery. Furthermore, the Netherlands is known to be one of the world’s leading exporter, due to its position and proximity to the sea. Although the Port of Rotterdam used to be the world’s busiest port, it got overtaken by the ports in Shanghai and Singapore. However, the Port of Rotterdam stays Europe’s biggest port and an important transportation hub for Europe.

Must Visit for Tourists

When one thinks about Dutch cities, the first one that jumps mostly into one’s mind is the city of Amsterdam. The Dutch capital is known for its small canals, its world’s famous museums like the Van Gogh Museum or Rijksmuseum and iconic houses by the canals. Although Amsterdam is a great city to visit and is by far the most popular tourist destination in the Netherlands, the country has next to this city, many places that one must visit. In case you are interested and fascinated by architecture, Rotterdam is the perfect destination for you. Even though Rotterdam was destroyed during World War II, this unique city managed to recover itself from the damages and become the second-largest city of the Netherlands. Landmarks of Rotterdam are for instance the Erasmus Bridge, the Cube Houses or Markthal, where you have the possibility to explore Dutch and International food culture. Also, if you are already in the city, do not miss out the chance to go on top of the Euromast, in order to have a view of the whole city. In case you like nature and flowers, you should definitely plan a daytrip to Keukenhof. This place, which is also known as Garden of Europe, offers its visitors between mid-March and mid-May, wonderful and colorful tulip beds. In case you prefer to see traditional Dutch windmills, make sure to visit Kinderdijk. This small village is located in the province of South-Holland and is notorious for its large concentration of old windmills. Additionally, these old windmills in Kinderdijk are UNESCO World Heritage since 1997. Lastly, if you want to explore traditional Dutch clothing including “Klompen”, the traditional Dutch wooden shoes, the museum of history and traditional clothing is the right place for you. This museum is located in Volendam, a small town in the province of North-Holland and offers to its visitors the chance to take pictures in traditional Dutch costumes.  

Air Traffic in the Netherlands 

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the largest airport in the Netherlands and is considered to be the third busiest by total passenger traffic airport in Europe. Alone in 2018, around 71 million passengers passed through Schiphol. Considering the size of the Netherlands, the country has four other significant airports: Eindhoven Airport, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Groningen Airport Eelde and Maastricht/Aachen Airport. Next to these major airports, the country has smaller airports for general aviation. Read our blog about Sightseeing in the Netherlands for more information.

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