By Yasmin Balent

The level of awareness of a brand or a company is one of the most important factors, as it ultimately has a positive effect on the purchase decision. This is confirmed by a report from last year’s IBTM World, which explains that increasing brand awareness is a key objective of events. Companies of all kinds, such as the sports, fashion and automotive industries, but also event managers are trying to implement this.

There are several ways to increase brand awareness, one of the latest trends is to bring the brand on board. As you probably know, there are different types of flights, e.g. with an regular airline, a chartered aircraft or a private jet / air taxi. For these different flight possibilities there are also different possibilities of advertising.

Regular airline advertising

Every year, motor shows like the IAA attract thousands of people from all over the world. Here, the automobile manufacturers have a special opportunity to present their brand on board. If you are interested in the automotive industry or are perhaps even active yourself, our blog “Take an air taxi and pick up your luxury car!” is certainly of interest to you.

How can you take advantage of this unique opportunity?

You can achieve the greatest reach by playing your advertising slogan on the screens of the aircraft and distributing small snacks like jellybeans with your logo on the packaging. Eurowings, for example, has a cooperation with the advertising company INOVISCO that makes this possible. The holiday airline TUIfly even repainted its machines in the past and made them available for advertising purposes.

Werbung auf Flieger

Chartered aircraft and your advertising

Well-known football teams are often fly to their games, training camps or events in rented aircraft. They often take advantage of this opportunity to increase their own team’s brand and to have the aircraft equipped both internally and externally with their brand.

To ensure a smooth and pleasant flight, the team is usually welcomed with snacks and drinks in a private lounge. On these snacks and drinks, they sometimes place their own football team logo.

They place their logo on the headrests and neck cushions in the chartered aircraft. To make the most of the brand enhancement, the logo of the football club should not be missing on the outside of the chartered aircraft. 

Fußballmannschaft Logo auf Flugzeug

Private jet / Air taxi advertising

Potential customers or press representatives are often invited to fashion shows or television appearances and are often flown in. If you are interested in the fashion industry or are perhaps even active yourself, our blog “Fly with an Air Taxi to the next Fashion Week!” is certainly interesting for you.

In order to make a perfect brand appearance possible here, it is possible to present your brand or, for example, the new collection with current magazines and a company logo imprint on the aircraft. An air taxi is the optimal possibility to let your guests fly in exclusive but nevertheless affordable. But also, to fly yourself and in the course of that to promote your own brand.

Air taxi advertising

Beside the various possibilities to present your brand during the actual flight, there is always the possibility to present your product or your brand at the airport in the Business Lounge. This through appropriately placed advertising banners and placards or other promotional stuff.

Could we arouse your interest?

Take a look at our website and calculate your next trip with our price calculator. Of course we also have the possibility to present your brand by chartering a Cirrrus. With Fly Aeolus you have access to over 1600 airports in Europe. If you are interested in additional advertising during your flight, please let us know your wishes. Please contact us at or under 0032-35009082.