By Yasmin Balent

Dublin, the capital of Ireland is located on the Eastcoast.
The fact that “Lonely Planet” already named Dublin twice for the most friendly city, proves that you should not miss this city. The Irish are cheerful and very friendly people. This is not to be overlooked in the city and in the bars. The local specialities, Guinness and Whisky, certainly contribute to a good mood. Fly Aeolus compiled a list for you for sightseeing in Dublin!

Did you know that Dublin also won the title of the ugly duckling? Starting as “Dubh Linn”, translated black swamp, there was not much to see or experience in the East of Ireland in the past. Today Dublin turns out to be a beautiful swan, a popular capital which welcomes lots of tourists every year.

We will tell you shortly all about Dublin’s fascinating hotspots, what it has to offer and how to get there very easily.

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Sightseeing in Dublin

Guinness Storehouse

Dublin is probably the best place to drink the best Guinness in the world. The popular Guinness Storehouse is located at the St. James’s Gate, right in the middle of the old city. Visitors get to know all about the history of the Guinness beer, they explain all the details of the factory and way more. On top of the building is the bar called “Gravity Bar” here you have a 360-degrees view about Dublin. What invites you more to enjoy the “Black Stuff”? Cheers or Slàinte – how a irish would say.

The opening times are as follow: Monday – Sunday from 9:30 AM until 07:00 PM, but the last entrance will be at 05:00 PM.
The prices are variable, depending on the visiting times and are between 17,50 € and 25 €. You should definitly buy your tickets in advance, so you don not need to wait in long waiting lines. Buy you Tickets here.

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Sightseeing Dublin: Monument of Light / General Post Office

The Monument of Light (or unofficial „The Spire“) reminds at Nelson Column which got blown up by the IRA. The Spire is the most distinctive feature of the city.

Close by there is also the beautiful General Post Office. It served as the headquarters of the Irish freedom fighters as early as 1916 and can even show bullet holes from this time. Lot of people say it is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city.

Trinity College

The Trinity College is the old university of Dublin and is located in the centre of the city. The most famous writers like, Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett studied here. When it is getting dark and not so busy anymore on the campus, you will get the feeling as if you are in a Harry Potter Movie. The university looks very mystical and magical, especially the library can definitely make you feel like you are in another world.

Dublin, Trinity College, Library

St. Patricks Cathedral

Everyone of you knows “St. Patrick’s Day“, the day where everyone dresses green and celebrates on the streets. Originally the Irish celebrate St. Patrick’s Day because of the Irish bishop Patrick. He was the patron saint of Ireland. Irish people all over the world celebrate this day and as time went by it became more and more known. Today it is celebrated in almost every country.
The “St Patrick’s Cathedral” was named after the saint, as the story goes that he baptized his first converted Christians here. There are many stories about this man, perhaps you will be lucky enough to meet a real Irishman who will tell you some exciting anecdotes.

St Patrick'S Cathedral, Cathedral

Dublin Castle

Until 1922 the castle was the seat of the administration of the United Kingdom in Ireland. Nowadays the castle is one of the main attractions of the city and serves as a venue for state receptions, such as for Queen Elizabeth II. The visitors can also book a guided tour, which costs around 10 Euro and is offered daily. See more information here.
The castle also regularly hosts various exhibitions, so that art lovers will also get their money’s worth here.

On the other site of the Castle is the Christ Church Cathedral. The highlight here is the Street Food Market, which takes place on Thursdays between 11:30 and 15:00 and Saturdays between 11:00 and 16:30 on the church grounds. Here you can find delicacies from all over the world at small stands.

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Sightseeing Dublin: Nightlife / Pubs


One of the best pubs in Dublin Sweeney’s. It is perfect located, right behind the Olympia Theatre. So it’s great to go out for a drink after a theater performance or a concert.
Furthermore serveral Live bands and DJ’s are creating a great atmosphere in the 3-storey pub. The best days to visit the pub are Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Adress: Sweeney’s Bar, 32 Dame Street, Dublin 2

The Mercantile Bar

When you want to go to a pub you rather not think about a hotel bar, but exactly that is the location of one of the major pubs in Dublin. We are talking about the Mercantile Hotel, which is located right next to Sweeney’s pub. 
From Guinness to delicious cocktails, there is a drink to suit every taste. The pub is directly adjacent to the hotel. But no worries you do not need to be a hotel guest, they welcome everybody.
Adress: The Mercantile Bar, 28 Dame Street, Dublin 2

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The Living Room

The special highlight of this bar is: the biggest beer garden in the whole city. The Living Room is sharing the outside area with two other bars hence they have the biggest beer garden in Dublin. As the name is already telling us, its a sportsbar and you can watch all the live games. On top of this they serve great food and you can party a lot here. It does not matter if it’s day or night time, in The Living Room there is always something going on.
Adresse: The Living Room, Cathal Brugha Street, Dublin 1

Sightseeing Dublin: The Globe

Livemusic, freshly tapped Irish beer and a lot of fun is the offering of The Globe, which you can find in the heart of Dublin in a very small street. The Globe is famous for its delicious cocktails, some of them are even ranked as being the best of the city.
The bar is opened from monday until sunday. Especially at the weekends you can feel the special atmosphere.
Adresse: The Globe, 11 South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2

Temple Bar, Pub, Bar, Beer, Cafe, Dublin

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