By Yasmin Balent

Airports are all free to choose the fares that airlines will have to pay to land and take off. Thus some airports are more expensive than others. Fly Aeolus lists the 3 most expensive and 3 cheapest airports to fly into Europe in this article !

Flying with a Cirrus SR22 Air Taxi is great. You are able to skip long check-in queues at airports and with 1600 possible airports you can land as close as possible to your final destination. Most importantly, you are able to save valuable time !

The cost for flying an Air Taxi varies but are close to last minute ticket prices of traditional commercial airlines. The prices include the Air Taxi aircraft rental, pilot, landing and handling fees. Landing and handling fees can be a substantial part of the total Air Taxi price and vary quiet significantly from airport to airport. For this reason, we decided to list the Top 3 most expensive airports and the Top 3 least expensive airports in Europe when flying with an Air Taxi! Note that the costs mentioned in this blog are based on a day return in which a Cirrus SR22 is flying in at the airport and awaiting 6 hours for its return.

most expensive airports and cheapest airports to fly into Europe

Top 3 most expensive Airports

Nr. 1 Farnborough Airport

The Farnborough Airport is considered to be the most expensive airport in Europe for Air Taxi’s! This airport is located in the west of Farnborough, a small city in England. The airport is approximately 10 minutes away from the center of Farnborough.
Landing at this airport will cost you around 810 Euros.

Wondering why it is so expensive to land at Farnborough Airport? The reason is simple, the handling of the aircraft is what makes landing at airports like Farnborough expensive.

Nr. 2 Paris-Le Bourget Airport

Le Bourget Airport in Paris is one of the three major airports of Paris. This airport is the second most expensive airport in Europe. Le Bourget Airport is located in the north-northeast of Paris and is approximately 11km away from the city center.

Paris-Le Bourget Airport

If you would like to land in this airport, the costs for a daytrip with a stay of more than 6 hours will be approximately 526 Euros. Parking costs for the Cirrus SR22 aircraft are the reason for the higher costs.

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Nr. 3 Airport Berlin-Tegel International Airport

Berlin-Tegel International Airport is the one of the 3 airports in Berlin and the third most expensive airport in Europe in terms of landing and handling costs. The airport is located north-west of Berlin, around 11 km away from Berlin centre.

If you would like to land at this airport, it will cost you approximately 400 Euros. The high costs are due to the high handeling fees.

most expensive airports and cheapest airports to fly into Europe

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