By Yasmin Balent

Second city of the Netherlands next to Amsterdam, Rotterdam represents the industrial heart of the country. Its geographical position, at the mouth of the Rhine and the Meuse, gives it a strategic global trading position. Indeed, the Rotterdam harbor is the 9th world port, and the first European port. But Rotterdam is not just an industrial city. In our opinion, visiting this city and its region is a must see during your stay in the Netherlands. Especially seeing Rotterdam via Private Jet.

Fly Aeolus has therefore concocted a little summary of the things you absolutely need to do and see to discover the city of Rotterdam and its surroundings. Do you want to discover other destinations in the Netherlands by private jet? Check out our latest blog about the city of Breda. Do you want to know our prices? Check out our online price calculator! 

Rotterdam, historic city 

Founded in the 12th century, Rotterdam was built around the bank of the Rotte River (which gives the name of the city) where the first small fishing ports were born. Birthplace of the humanist philosopher Erasmus in the 16th century, Rotterdam is experiencing a period of economic and cultural prosperity: it is the “Dutch Golden Age”. 

In the 20th century, the Second World War put a stop to the development of the city and its region. In 1940, the center of Rotterdam was destroyed by German bombardments, which forced the country to capitulate. Among the few buildings spared are the town hall, the Schielandshuis and the Witte Huis. 

Reconstruction resumed after the war, as did the expansion of its port and its industries-cam we discuss which industries are the most important. The city is diversifying its economic activity and skyscrapers started to rise. In the 2000s, Rotterdam developed its contemporary architecture, highlighted its museums, and increased the tourist potential of the city. Which can be seen from above when coming to Rotterdam via Private Jet.

The must do during your stay 

Delfshaven district 

Unlike the city center of Rotterdam, the Delfshaven district was spared from the bombings of May 1940. This district was not rebuilt in a modern way, like the rest of the city. It still retains all its old architecture. 

It is therefore one of the most beautiful areas of Rotterdam corresponding to the images we have of the Netherlands: small canals, boats, mills, and other houses with traditional architecture. 

The Kijk Kubus, or “Cubic House” 

These cubic houses (or kubuswoningen in Dutch) were built and developed in the 1980s by the architect Piet Blom. He wanted each dwelling to represent a tree and the entire estate to represent a forest. Intriguing and fascinating due to their appearance, these houses are bound to arouse curiosity in visitors. Learn more here

The Market Hall (Markthal) 

The Market Hall is a dual-purpose building: it is both the largest covered market in Holland and a residence of more than 200 apartments. The Markthal is one of the city’s most famous and newest attractions. 

Located in the city center, it is adorned with an oversized painting covering the entire ceiling. Nearly hundred stalls can offer you what you want: fruits, vegetables, cheese, pastries, and other local specialties…

Close to the Markthal and the shopping district, take a detour to the large Binnenrotte market which takes place every Tuesday and Saturday. 400 stands await you: grocery store with fish, fruits, clothing, jewelry, antiques, and second-hand items. There, you will find whatever you are looking for.

The Erasmus bridge 

The Erasmus Bridge is Rotterdam’s hallmark and one of the city’s must see. Its architecture is particular with its pylon over 140 meters high. You can cross this modern bridge by metro, on foot or by bicycle (we are of course in the Netherlands) to connect the city center to the Kop Van Zuid district. From there, you will have a breath-taking view of the New Maas, its banks and the skyscrapers that make the city of Rotterdam so special. 


Located in the Scheepvaart district, the Euromast is the tallest tower in the Netherlands open to the public at 185 meters in height. Originally built to host the international horticultural exhibition “Floriade”, today you can climb it to the top. From there, the view over Rotterdam is breath-taking. You can also enjoy a delicious meal in its restaurant, perched 120 meters above the ground. 


Impossible to miss Kinderdijk, described as one of the beautiful villages of the Netherlands. Located 20 kilometers from Rotterdam, in a region with high risk of flooding, a system of dikes for water drainage was built in the 13th century. This system was completed in the 18th century by the construction of nineteen windmills. 

Frequented by many tourists every year, Kinderdijk is also a historical testimony to Dutch 18th century hydraulic engineering. Since 1997, the site has been classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

Your stay in Rotterdam by private jet 

We can fly you to over 10 airports across the Netherlands, allowing you to land at the nearest airport to your destination. To go to Rotterdam, we recommend you to land at the Rotterdam-The Hague Airport, located just 8 kilometers north of Rotterdam.  Rotterdam-The Hague Airport is open between 7:00am and 11:00pm. Passengers depart and arrive from a dedicated VIP terminal with an executive lounge.

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