By Yasmin Balent

For many holidaymakers the holiday begins when they have parked their car in the airport car park and go to the departure terminal. If you only fly two or three times a year, the waiting times may not be a problem. For example, being there 2 to 3 hours before departure and going through the long queue of check-in and security checks. Check-in times can be up to twice as long as the flight duration. Find out here which airports to avoid in order to travel with confidence.

If you are in a holiday mood, this “lost” time does not matter. After all, you and your girlfriend, wife, family or friends can use the airport’s facilities such as shops and restaurants until boarding starts.

As a businessman or woman, it is not uncommon to have to fly once or twice a week. Here are extra waiting times, wasted money and lost productive time. Be it the traffic jam on the way to the major airport, the annoying security checks or the unpunctuality of the planes. With all these factors, you run the risk of losing valuable time.

Airports to avoid : the private jet is the solution

The majority of business travellers know only the major airports. This is the result of various surveys carried out by Fly Aeolus.

The responsible travel managers or agents often only search for airports such as Frankfurt Airport, Munich Airport or Düsseldorf Airport. Larger regional airports have an average of 40 destinations. So you must be lucky that an airport in your area offers the desired destination and the correct departure times. Otherwise, additional long car journeys or train journeys are required to reach the desired destination.

The new alternative is to rent a private jet and avoid queues at check-in and security counters. If you rent a private jet, you usually do not check in at the main terminal, but in a separate area, a FBO private jet terminal. Where you are the only passenger waiting for the pilot, security check and check-in. You only have to wait 15 minutes before departure at the agreed meeting point. From here the pilot accompanies you to the aircraft and you are allowed to board directly.

Forget the big airports : airports to avoid!

Apart from the well-known big airports, there are many small airports which are not approached by the usual airlines. Sometimes people don’t even know that their flight can depart from other airports. The big advantage here is that the small airports can be approached quickly and easily with private jets.

From regional airports you can travel perfectly to different destinations in Europe, up to 1600 different destinations in Europe. Examples are Cologne Bonn Airport, Giebelstadt Airport, Braunschweig-Wolfsburg Airport, Rostock-Laage Airport and many more. Usually, you will never be stuck in traffic on your way to these airports, no waiting times for security checks and you only have to be there 15 minutes in advance for your private jet flight.

How do I rent a private jet?

So why next time fly from a large airport and spend a long time in the car and in the various waiting areas? You certainly have an airport close by you don’t know about yet. Fly Aeolus will be happy to help you and provide you with a private jet.

See for yourself which airports are in your area and which are close to your destination. You can also simply enter your travel details here and our system will automatically show you the three nearest airports, with the distance to your address in kilometers. So you know exactly how much time you can save with an air taxi.

Flight example from Cologne to Cannes

Route: Cologne to Cannes

Airplane: Cirrus SR22

Duration: 03h 23min

Price: 5.079,40 € (for 3 passengers)

If your next trip departs from Cologne, your offer could look similar. As mentioned above, you can, of course, fly to 1600 airports. We fly you within Europe wherever you want to go, how about an Air Taxi to Munich?

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