2017 has been a roller coaster ride!


In 2017:

-We moved in Antwerp and Rotterdam to larger offices. -We had a growth of 238%. -We have flown 60 new customers. -We added 3 aircraft to our aircraft pool. -We decreased the amount of repositioning flights to 23%, due to fleet growth. -We had an average of 1.82 passengers per flight. -Our  … Continued

Fly Aeolus is hiring Pilots!


Fly Aeolus is an air taxi company that grasps the opportunities for flights on short haul destinations. We offer flexible and time-efficient, door-to-door flight travel in Europe; when and to where the customer wants. Fly Aeolus establishes its customers’ flights through the set-up of a fractional ownership program.

Fly Aeolus has its main office at  … Continued

A closer look into the air taxi industry


The European economy is gaining traction, but how is the private aviation industry doing? Is there a correlation in growth, and are new air taxi business models stimulating demand? Together with WingX Advance we have set-up an air taxi industry analysis.

The air taxi industry is growing again

In the end of June 2017 air  … Continued

Are your air taxis more weather dependent than larger planes?


Flying is the safest form of transport. This applies to both large and small aircraft. Not only are aircraft kept in top condition, but pilots are also very well trained before they are allowed to act as captain. The only thing air taxis can’t control is the weather.

Private flight weather conditions

Private planes are  … Continued

Fly Aeolus at Cirrus NOW in Rotterdam


Cirrus Aircraft is inviting different stakeholders to discover the Cirrus Life and learn about the latest innovations in both the 2017 Cirrus Aircraft G6 and the newly FAA & EASA certified Vision Jet. Fly Aeolus will be present at this event.

Contact us at info@flyaeolus.com if you are interested to meet us at Cirrus Life  … Continued

3 myths about one-day business trips


There are ambiguous views on a one-day business travel. One says that it is a cost-effective travel option for a company and an opportunity to spend more time at home for employees. While at the same time it can be seen as a cause of fatigue and less productive work. Both points could be right when  … Continued

How to lower the operating costs of your Cirrus aircraft.


Flying a Cirrus is fun but can be quiet expensive. Fly Aeolus reduces the cost of ownership for Cirrus owners. It links spare capacity of Cirrus aircraft with customers looking for affordable private flights.

Fly Aeolus is the air taxi in Europe that delivers flights under a fractional ownership model with Cirrus aircraft. We save  … Continued

Take an air taxi to the city of European contradictions: Berlin


Germany’s capital is one of the most attractive travel destinations. It is the state capital and seat of government of Germany. The city is the center for politics, culture, media and science. Berlin is internationally known for its history-charged sights and activities, as well as for its diverse culture and art. Berlin can easily be  … Continued