By Stefaan Ghijs

There are ambiguous views on a one-day business travel. One says that it is a cost-effective travel option for a company and an opportunity to spend more time at home for employees. While at the same time it can be seen as a cause of fatigue and less productive work. Both points could be right when you travel with a traditional airline.

Let’s bust some myths about private air travel and private jets and how it can turn the negative sides of the one-day trips into advantages for companies and travelers.

Myth #1: One-day business travel with a private jet is expensive

Returning home on the same day saves money on hotels, though it limits travelers in choosing cheap tickets for flights. However when you travel with an air taxi in Europe, travelers will always  know how much it will cost as private airplane companies provide fixed pricing schemes. Moreover, travelers always set their own schedule. With Fly Aeolus air taxi you can find the price for your flight instantly using the fare calculator at the homepage.

uitzicht huren prive jet Nice Frankrijk

Myth #2: Low productiveness and quick fatigue

Business people want to work as much as possible during their trip. In order to come back home the same day travelers tend to work in a rush and constantly check time not to lose their scheduled flight. This can cause stress and quick fatigue. When you fly with an air taxi, you are king of your time. Besides the fact that passengers will never miss a private flight, they add more hours to their working days by eliminating long queues at the bigger airports.

Myth #3: Unexpected situations

Traffic jams on the way to airport, delayed flights and extended meetings can make a business traveler miss his flight. Travelers  might need to stay longer at their destination having unexpected expenses. Choosing an air taxi, decreases the chances of missing a flight due to these unexpected events. Air-taxis can fly from small airports so to avoid traffic on the way to the bigger airports.

A private aircraft makes sure that business travelers travel under the best conditions for a perfect one-day business trip. They combine the advantages of private jets and the affordable price of commercial airlines.