By Stefaan Ghijs

Flying a Cirrus is fun but can be quiet expensive. Fly Aeolus reduces the cost of ownership for Cirrus owners. It links spare capacity of Cirrus aircraft with customers looking for affordable private flights.

Fly Aeolus is the air taxi in Europe that delivers flights under a fractional ownership model with Cirrus aircraft. We save travel time for our customers and operate the largest fleet of Cirrus aircraft. We offer our services in more than 1600 airports across Europe and our team is engaged in offering a high safety standard.

Due to the growing demand in Europe, Fly Aeolus is looking to increase the amount of partnerships with Cirrus owners. We operate aircraft on first availability. Which means that adding your aircraft to the fleet increases flexibility and reliability for both Fly Aeolus and yourself as an owner.

Fly Aeolus cirrus aircraft Air Taxi sharing platform

Cirrus Aircraft Fly Aeolus’ Program

  • Offers participants a share of 0,5 % (or 5,0 % UK) in your Cirrus.
  • Guarantees that you always have first availability in the aircraft, after all you keep a majority stake.
  • Customers will be bound to return their share, when you decide to stop participating in the program. The program contract includes a required sell back rule.

Your benefits

  • You can decrease the direct operating costs in your Cirrus aircraft while its is operated by experienced commercial Cirrus pilots. The minimum experience of all pilots is 500 flight hours, so Fly Aeolus makes sure your aircraft is well taken care of.
  • Your Cirrus can stay at your preferred home base.

Fly Aeolus has developed its operations under the AIR OPS regulations and EASA has accepted the fractional ownership program. Check our aircraft map to see where Fly Aeolus current fleet is based throughout Northwestern Europe.

Interested to decrease the direct operating cost of your Cirrus aircraft? Please mail for more information.