By Stefaan Ghijs

The view from inside the air taxi / private jet  is always changing and people are enjoying this. Pictures are made several times on different flights by our passengers when passing a nice scenery. This changing scenery is the reason that also many pilots choose to fly for Fly Aeolus.

Hereby a small selection of pictures showing breathtaking views, which we received from our customers and pilots. These views can be yours too and with these views you do not need any inflight entertainment system! Check our destination page here to select some nice places to fly to. If you like to see more nice pictures you can also check our Instagram account.

Picture of the beach on our way to Amsterdam in a private aircraft

Passing the beach at the Dutch coast on a trip from Rotterdam to London.


Picture of sunset view from an air taxi

Sunset above England


Picture window view out of a private jet over Friedrichshafen

View on the Suisse Alpes and the Obersee/Bodensee above Southern Germany on the way to Friedrichshafen


Picture during landing with a private jet at Rotterdam airport

Showers above Rotterdam, the Netherlands