By Svenja Schumacher

Would you like to know how weather-dependent our aircraft are, how much luggage you can take on board and how to travel with your pet in an air taxi? Fly Aeolus has answered these and many more questions. On this page you will find all our relevant blogs which give the answers to your private jet hire questions! Read on and find out what to look out for when you want to hire a private jet.

Are your air taxis more weather dependent than larger planes?

Weather is not controllable, but our operations team can anticipate problems close to the private flight and work out an alternative plan for your flight. If you want to learn how much weather dependent our Air Taxis are, read our blog!

How much luggage can you take in an airtaxi?

One of the first questions our passengers ask is how much luggage they can take on board. The baggage process for smaller aircraft is different than for the commercial airlines. Your luggage may weigh a maximum of 10 kilograms per person. Here you can find how much luggage you can take in an air taxi and what size of luggage you can take on-board of a Cirrus SR22 air taxi.

Why the Cirrus SR22?

Fly Aeolus ensures a pleasant experience during your European flight. We have equipped our fleet with Cirrus SR22 aircraft due to:

  • The modern and young Cirrus SR22 aircraft is one of the safest single engine aircraft in general aviation.
  • The plane provides comfortable leather seats and good lighting.
  • There are over 500 Cirrus SR22 aircraft in Europe. This means there are a lot of potential aircraft partners for our shared ownership model. And the larger the fleet, the lower the costs for the traveler.

Read more about why Fly Aeolus equips its fleet exclusively with Cirrus SR22 aircraft and PA 46 Meridian aircraft.

What is fractional ownership or shared ownership?

With our fractional ownership model, you purchase a share in one of the aircraft at our disposal, which you can use for your private flights. If your aircraft is not available on your preferred day, we will provide you with another Cirrus. With Fly Aeolus, you’ll never have to hire a staff, crew, pay for maintenance or hangars, negotiate fuel costs, or deal with any other time-consuming expenses of whole aircraft ownership. In our blog we explain how the shared ownership model of Fly Aeolus works.

How to travel with a pet?

Nowadays cats and dogs are seen as a full-fledged family member, many families face the problem of leaving their pet back home in a kennel when they want to travel by air. Pet travel by airline is bound by the elaborate regulations of commercial airlines. Check why traveling with a pet is easier by air taxi. Some of the points you should consider are:

  • There are special rules for entering the UK: For example your pet has to be microchipped and it needs a pet passport or third-country official veterinary certificate.
  • Give your pet enough water before the trip, but not too much
  • Make sure that your pet has ID tags with the latest data on it
  • Take your pet’s favourite toy with you on board

All the other questions about private jets

When you want to hire a private jet, some questions may arise, especially if it is your first booking. To help you finding the answers, we have summarized and answered the most frequently asked questions.

Take an air taxi with Fly Aeolus!

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