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Germany has almost everything to offer: idyllic lakes, mountain landscapes and historic cities. Do you want to plan a city trip to Germany or a last minute vacation, or would you rather want to see the major sights in Germany? Then it is worthwile to check some of our tips. Let us show you why a trip to Germany is worth it. Discover Germany by private jet and enjoy the trip!

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The coolest destinations in Germany to discover by private jet

Berlin by private jet

Berlin is the capital city of Germany. It is not only trendy, but also the most populated municipality in Germany! Berlin is also the center for politics, culture, media and science. The city reveals much about the history and was the site of many historical events. To conclude, it is a great city to visit, so take a private jet to Berlin and enjoy your time.

Take a private jet to Hamburg

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and known for its culture, tasty culinary delights and variety. Did you even know that Hamburg is the city of the musical “The Lion King”? We made a list so you know which interesting activities you can undertake in Hamburg while discovering Hamburg by a private jet.

With a private jet to Cologne

Nowhere else in Germany is Carnival celebrated as extensively as in Cologne. But Cologne is also worth a trip for other reasons. You won’t forget Cologne’s serenity, friendliness and charm. We have gathered the best 11 activities to do in Cologne and we also explain why the number 11 is especially important in Cologne! Book a private flight to Cologne and experience the Carnival city.

Black Forest by private jet

With an area of around 11,100 km2, the Black Forest is one of the largest holiday areas in Germany. Discover the beautiful area of the Black Forest by private jet and learn which regions are worth to visit and which activities you can do in this marvelous part of Germany. Do check out our blog if you want to spend some days at a wellness retreat or in the city of Freiburg.

Discover Sylt by private jet

Sylt lies in the north of the Wadden Sea, near the Danish border. It is a German island and has 21,000 inhabitants and receives approximately 650,000 tourists every year. The island is connected to the mainland via the Hindenburgdamm. If you want to go by car you have to take your car by train. The alternative: discover Sylt by private jet!

Take a private jet to Munich

Munich is not only the state capital of Bavaria, but also one of the most attractive travel destinations in Germany, for both business and tourism. Hence Munich is the ideal place for a weekend getaway! Find out in our blog why you should travel to Munich by private jet.

Take a private jet to Osnabrück

The City of Peace not only has a wealth of history but also invites you to discover unique sights. Read here what the city in Lower Saxony has to offer and why a visit to Germany’s most sustainable city of 2020 is more worthwhile than you might imagine. Find the reasons for visiting Osnabrück by private jet here.

Take a private jet with Fly Aeolus!

We hope that we could inspire you with this selection of places and that you consider visiting Germany with a private jet. On our page you can find out more about how to discover Germany by private jet. For any question or information, feel free to contact us at or call us at +32(0)3 500 9082, we will be happy to answer you.

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