By Svenja Schumacher

Are you planning your next trip and already thinking about what to pack? Most of us had moments on our trips when we wished there was a product that solved certain problems. Fly Aeolus has collected some ideas for items that shouldn’t be missing from your packing list for your upcoming vacation or business trip! Check out these top 10 travel gadgets that are definitely worth considering!

1. goTenna Mesh: cell phone network from your pocket

Have you ever been out in nature with family and friends and had no cell phone reception to reach them? GoTenna has created the solution to this problem: the small antenna can establish a network. The antenna called “Mesh” connects to a cell phone via Bluetooth. If the mobile network fails, the cell phone sends the data, such as an SMS, to the antenna. After that it arrives at the receiver if the receiver is also carrying a “mesh” antenna. The range is between 1.6 and 4.8 kilometers, depending on whether the landscape is flat or hilly.

cell phone network

2. Mobile compressor: save space in your suitcase

Have you often been annoyed that not everything fits in your suitcase? These times are over now! With the help of a mobile compressor and vacuum bags, more stuff will fit inside – perfect for every trip and every short trip. The compressor is simply screwed onto the filled bag and sucks out the air. This can reduce the size of the bag by 50%. So you can even put more things on your packing list for the vacation or business trip.

3. Cell phone Sterilizer

Especially in times of Corona, it is important to keep one’s environment clean. Our cell phone is in use several times a day and is put down in various places. Therefore, it is important to clean it from viruses and bacteria every now and then. The UV-C Handy Sterilizer does this within 15 minutes. You can even join other items. Just place the smartphone inside and the UV-C light neutralizes 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses. A gadget that should not be missing on your packing list.


4. Put an end to cable clutter: use an organizer bag

You always have chaos in your bags because of your electronic devices and their cables? Take an organizer bag  with you on your next trip and bring order to your suitcase. The compartments are perfectly adapted for your needs. Put the organizer on your packing list for your vacation or business trip to save time and hassle!

5. Probably the most practical suitcase for hand luggage

This gadget is worth it all. A suitcase that is light and sturdy, has compression pad for space saving packing and a built-in power bank to charge your devices. The size is optimal for being hand luggage and the wheels can rotate 360°. Thanks to the built-in combination lock, you also don’t have to worry about it being opened by strangers.

Packing list for vacation: suitcase

6. A shirt pocket

Especially if you often travel on business, this purchase is worth it: a shirt bag. Every traveler knows the problem that the clothes are wrinkled upon arrival and no longer look good. Pack your shirt wrinkle-free from now on, so you don’t have to worry about it on the spot and can start working right away!

7. Travelsafe to go

Valuables cannot always be optimally supervised when you’re traveling. Whether you’re traveling on business or with family and friends, you sometimes have to concentrate on other things. With a travel safe, you never have to worry about valuables being stolen again. It can be locked to fixtures, such as furniture or faucets in the hotel room. The travelsafe is also useful if you want to leave your valuables on the deck chair by the pool.

8. Travel alarm

Also on the topic of safety: a mobile travel alarm. If you’re sleeping in a hotel room or in a camper and feel unsafe, this travel gadget is just the thing that should be on your packing list! It is a small travel alarm that can be used for doors and windows. The metal strips are clamped and as soon as the door or window is opened, the alarm goes off. Definitely something that shouldnt be missing on your packing list for business trips or vacation, if you want to feel safe.

Travel alarm Packing list

9. Pocket knife in card format

Surely you have also been in a situation where you would have needed a pocket knife, but didn’t have one with you. Often the shape is too impractical to have it in your pocket. Therefore, you should think about a pocket knife in the shape of a card. It fits in any pants pocket or even in your wallet! Since the rules for pocket knives in hand luggage vary depending on the route and airline, inform yourself beforehand or put it in your checked luggage.

10. Noise cancelling headphones

If you ever have noisy neighbors while traveling or your room is located on a noisy street, you can try this gadget: Noise-Masking Sleepbuds. They muffle the sounds of the environment and create a soothing sound that promotes your sleep. Thanks to their shape, they sit comfortably and securely all night long – even when you turn in your sleep.

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