Second home : Prices, Places, Advices, Fly Aeolus tells you more !


Who has never thought of having a second home to spend time with their family, or to enjoy your next vacation? This trend is very present in Europe, especially in France.  Indeed, France is the European champion of second homes with more than 3 million homes.  

These residences, often inhabited less than 42 days a year, are more  … Continued

A weekend in Besançon in only 48 hours, let’s go!


Because we know that your time is precious, we propose you to immerse yourself in the heart of the city of time and art, in 48h. Besançon is one of the most atypical cities in France. Located in the east of France, it is the cradle of luxury watchmaking and art. Here is what a  … Continued

French cuisine: Taste France!


Bœuf Bourguignon? Escargots? Homard? Croissant? Baguette? Champagne? Sounds familiar? Then let’s taste the French “Art de vivre”! French cuisine is renowned throughout the world, and has been for many years. But this is no coincidence. For centuries, France has been building its reputation thanks to its cuisine, and to the favorite art of the French:  … Continued