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France has one of the most diverse landscapes in Europe. Between its Atlantic coast to the west, the Mediterranean coast to the south, the Alps to the east and the hilly stretches in the center, there is enough to satisfy all tastes. Each region has its own identity that you can explore through the many historic and cultural sites scattered across the country along with their authentic gastronomy.

France and its historical legacy

Between the famous Castles of the Loire river, the Avignon Theatre Festival, the Mont Saint-Michel and the 130 or so Parisian museums, there is no way you can get bored! France has managed to preserve many of its cultural heritages and historical monuments which will allow you to travel back in time, discover old medieval cities and fortresses, meet some of the greatest french philosophers and inventors, and admire unique works of art. Be sure also not miss a magical evening at the theater or at the opera where the French like to meet and spend an evening rich in emotion and entertainment.

Between ocean and mountains

Naturally, if you prefer green spaces to cities, you can also go explore the volcanoes of Auvergne or go surfing in Biarritz, climb the Mont Blanc or go tanning on the beaches of the South-east. France being the largest country in the EU, you can get lost in the vast stretches of nature and isolate yourself from the noise and the constant movement of cities. The numerous nature reserves will allow you to go hiking or trekking for several days, immersed in an environment untouched by man.

French gastronomy

Of course, we must not forget the French food. Rich and diverse in tastes, it changes from region to region and remains one of their favorite discussion topic. You can try the “Bouchons Lyonnais”, known for their quality meat and sausages, and the parisian Bistros and their joyfull ambiance. The Brittany seafood, the South-West duck breast and Norman cider are also renowned for their exquisite taste. Finally, if you are a cheese lover, do not miss the fondues and raclettes in the Savoie region. A meal to be shared next to a warm chimney after a long day of skiing.

Business and industry

France has one of the most dynamic and diverse economies in Europe. With 31 of the 500 Fortune Global companies including Total, Axa Assurances and Sanofi, France is very active on the international scene, just behind the United States, Japan and China. France is considered one of the world leaders in Pharmaceuticals and Aerospace and sees its territory polarized into 8 economic poles, concentrated around the 8 largest French cities, each with their specificities.

Air traffic in France

France has seen a steady increase in the number of passengers at its main airports, with growth of 8.3% in the first semester of 2018. This traffic is concentrated in major airports such as Paris CDG, Nice, Lyon, Marseille or Toulouse. However, the traffic is down in the smaller regional airports. They   are losing traction compared to the major airports and Low Cost airlines like EasyJet and Ryanair.

France is considered responsible for a third of the delays in European air traffic due to the numerous strikes in pilots, air traffic controllers and airlines, which if accumulated amount to a total of 254 days over the last 12 years. This caused the development of new ways to circumvent these problems such as co-flying, low-cost private jets, shared cost models and Air Taxis.

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