By Marine Proudhon

Who has never thought of having a second home to spend time with their family, or to enjoy your next vacation? This trend is very present in Europe, especially in France.  Indeed, France is the European champion of second homes with more than 3 million homes.  

These residences, often inhabited less than 42 days a year, are more and more numerous in Europe. But choosing between prices, location and quality of life, can be difficult.  We have listed a few essential points you can use before you start on your adventure to find your perfect second house.  

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Which places are of particular interest for a second home? 

The place is an essential point when you are opting to buy a second home! Indeed, it is one of the first questions that you will ask yourself, before buying the second house of your dreams. Why? Localization is a determining factor. Your second home will be different if you will be living next to the beach, or in the mountains for example. The prices will not necessarily be the same, also the activities you will practice and the aesthetics of your second home will not be the same either.  

According to several studies of the INSEE (The National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies), we can notice that certain areas are of particular interest. Indeed, there is a large number of second homes close to the coast, though the amounts close to the mountains and close to the big cities are also relevant 

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Source : Insee

According to INSEE, 44% of the population would prefer to invest in a second home in or close to a seaside resort. 

No matter which country you choose to buy a second home, the coastlines such as Deauville are ideal if you want to enjoy the beach in summer. Conversely, the mountains will appeal to you if you like the calmness of mountains, winter sports, or hiking. The location is bound to have an impact on your activities, outings and lifestyle.  

A property in the countryside: the new trend  

In recent years, there has been a strong interest in buying a second home in the countryside. This is especially the case for people living in big cities. Indeed, if you currently live in a big city and live a life at “100 kilometers per hour”, there is a big chance you would love to recharge and rest in the countryside. Spending your holidays in the countryside means enjoying outdoor activities and a slowing down in a relaxing environment. 

A house in the countryside can also be ideal if you want to invest in a larger living area for your second home. Indeed, countryside residences can be cheaper to buy than a house close to the sea or in the mountains.  

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What are the average prices of a second home ? 

You surely want to know how much your future haven of peace will cost you on average ? Well it’s difficult to say. On average and depending on the location, the price per m2 for a second home is between 2540,00 EUR and 4990 EUR.  In addition to this expenditure, you should not forget other recurring expenses. 

As a second home might be inhabited during the year, you might face some expenses because  humidity damage, exterior painting (on the beach paint is easily damaged), exterior maintenance, housing taxes if there are any, home insurance, swimming pool maintenance costs and many more 

Multiple aspects will influence the price. It will depend on your expectations, the city in which you wish to invest, as well as the facilities chosen and the country.  

As far as the price of a residence is concerned, this will depend on the country and the location.
For example, if you want to buy a second home in France, on the Mediterranean Sea, your house will cost between 180,000 and 317,000 euros. On the map below, you can compare regions and prices of residences.

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Source : SeLoger

Which taxes do you pay which countries ?  

Taxes and laws are all different in different countries. It can sometimes be difficult to find your way around.  Here is a short list of different taxes you are likely to pay depending on where your second home is located. 

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What are the advantages and disadvantages?  

Choosing to invest in a second home can be difficult. There are advantages and disadvantages. Fly Aeolus has made a table to make the decision more easy:  

Advantages :

  • To be at home, even on holiday 
  • Build capital  
  • Make a profit from it (if renting) 
  • Have somewhere to travel  
  • Living in several cities  

Disadvantages :

  • Extra charges  
  • The market is not at its best for this type of residence. 

How to get to your new residence?  

Cirrus SR22

Getting to the place of your second home can be difficult, especially if it is not in the same country, or when it is located in rural places. The nearest commercial airport is often several hours away, therefore requiring post transportation to your final destination. 

Fly Aeolus, can take you closer to your final destination, as our planes can land at smaller airports. This way we save you precious time, so you can spend more time at your holiday destination.  

If your second home is in Corsica, we can land you for example at the airports of Calvi, Bastia, Ajaccio or Figari.  Even if your second home is located the mountains we can land you as close as possible, for example Grenoble.  

Private jet to Ajaccio

Private flight to Ajaccio from Lyon (2 day return)
Aircraft : Cirrus SR22
Flight time : 02h 44m
Price : € 6.611,22 (for 3 passengers)

To know all our destinations, do not hesitate to consult our destinations. Fly Aeolus can bring you as close as possible to your second home in Europe. To get an idea of the price to fly with an air taxi to your holiday home, have a look at our price calculator.  

If you are rather renting a place for your holidays instead of buying a second home, then you should check out our blog on “The 7 most beautiful and luxurious Villas for rent” for sure.  

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at or call us on +32 (0)3 500 9082. 

Fly Aeolus hopes to welcome you on board soon!