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Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe and the only remaining grand duchy of the world. Although the country might not be as known as its neighboring countries, Luxembourg is considered to be an important center for European Institutions, next to Brussels and Strasbourg.

Landscape of Luxembourg 

Luxembourg is a small country located between Belgium, France and Germany. Even though the country is small in size, Luxembourg has many attractions to offer. If you are a nature enthusiast, Luxembourg is the right destination for you. The country offers to its visitors plenty of forests, different landscapes, lakes and rivers. Additionally, Luxembourg’s has many worldwide known trails, that are great for hikers that are seeking an adventure in the wilderness. One of best-known trails is the Mullerthal Trail. The trail consists of a total of three routes, each with two stages. Furthermore, this trail offers four possible extra tours that one can choose to do while hiking this trail. Even though the routes run mostly through forests, some sections run through rock faces and through open fields. In case you are not a fan of hiking in trails, Luxembourg offers many castles and fortresses that one can visit. One of the most visited castles in the country is the fortress Vianden. This fortress is located in the north of Luxembourg and was constructed in the 10thcentury. As the castle was transformed and restored throughout the centuries, visitors of fortress Vianden will have the possibility to experience multiple epochs and architecture styles. 

Luxembourg and its languages 

As previously mentioned, Luxembourg is surrounded by three countries, which influenced the culture and the country’s language. Even though the national language of the country is Luxembourgish, French and German are considered official languages of Luxembourg as well. If one compares Luxembourg to other multilingual countries, like Switzerland or Belgium, one will notice a major difference. In countries like Switzerland or Belgium, the distribution of the languages is based on the geographic location and proximity to the neighboring country. In Luxembourg however, the choice of language is functional and depending on the situation. For instance, the French language is used in legislation and German is most commonly used in the written press. Contrary, all three languages can be used in administrative and judicial matters, according to the provisions of the Languages Law of 1984. For this reason, Luxembourgish, French and German form part of the country’s school system and are taught from an early age on. 

Economy of Luxembourg

The economy of Luxembourg is stable and characterized by its low unemployment rate, low inflation and high growth. Furthermore, the country is known to be one of the richest countries of the world, due to its high Gross National Income per capita (GNI per capita). Luxembourg has a long history in the iron and steel industry, which is one of the reasons, why the country became economically strong. However, the largest industry in Luxembourg is currently the banking sector. The financial center of Luxembourg is the third most competitive in Europe, right after the financial centers in London and Zürich. Other significant industries in Luxembourg are information technology, telecommunication and cargo transportation. 

Air Traffic in Luxembourg 

Luxembourg airport is the only international airport, that the country has. Furthermore, the airport is the only airport in Luxembourg, that has a paved runway. For this reason, around 4.04 million passengers passed through Luxembourg airport in 2018. Besides this, Luxembourg’s international airline, Luxair, is headquartered in the airport, as well as Cargolux, the cargo airline of the country. Next to the international airport, Luxembourg has a few small airfields and Heliports, that are spread throughout the country. 

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