By Stefaan Ghijs

You want to go to Paris but big airports tire you even before you get on the plane? Fly Aeolus allows you to fly to more than a dozen of Paris airports in your own private aircraft without paying the prices of a private jet. Landing at these Paris airports and airfields gives you access to many benefits: not only will you avoid traffic jams around major airports, but you will also skip lengthy security checks and endless queues. Passenger traffic in and around major European airports has never been higher, and the situation is not going to improve. When flying with Fly Aeolus and our private jets, we can pick you up closer to your home and drop you off closer to your final destination than any traditional airline could. Versailles and Disneyland will seem closer than ever!

Paris Airports (private jet Paris flights)

Toussus Le Noble ( TNF / LFPN )

The Toussus Le Noble airport is the 6th busiest airport in France and the first for general aviation. Even though commercial airlines do not land there, Toussus is known as a business airport and has hosted around 106,000 movements in 2017, almost as much as major regional airports such as Marseille-Provence airport (109,192) or Lyon Saint Exupéry (109,244). With many offices for rent and a business park nearby, Toussus le Noble is the perfect place to land in a private jet if you come to Paris for a business trip. Very well connected and this airport is located less than 40 minutes from the center of Paris and 15 minutes from the city of Versailles and its famous palace.
Address: Aérodrome de Toussus-le-Noble 78117 Toussus-le-Noble

Opening times: 06:30 / 22:30

– Car: access via the A86 / N118 / D36 (≈ 40 min)
– Train Station: Petit Jouy- Les Loges (9 min)
– Metro Station : Petit Jouy- Les Loges (9 min)

– Restaurants: Air & Cook / The beer Garage
– Shopping: ‘La Boutique du Pilote’

Coulommiers-Voisin (LFPK)

The airport of Coulommiers is located within a 50 minutes drive from the centre of Paris and a 20 minute drive from the Disneyland amusement park and outlet “La Vallée Village”, an ideal place to land in an air taxi and spend a weekend with the family or friends. Open to general aviation, this airport has 3 airstrips: 2 grass ones accommodating light and leisure aviation such as small single-engine aircraft, and a third paved one accommodating larger planes such as a private jet and air taxi. These 3 tracks make the airport attractive for all types of passengers, from businessman to the leisure pilots alike. Several flying clubs are present such as the APAR, an association of pilots dedicated to flying rare aircrafts, thanks to which you might be lucky enough to spot a relic of the airs on the runway. Finally, do not forget to go to the village of Coulommiers and it’s market to take home with you one of its famous Coulommier, Brie or Meaux cheeses, typical of the region.

Address: Aérodrome de Coulommiers – Voisins 77120 Coulommiers

Opening times: Sunrise – 30 minutes / Sundown + 30 minutes

– Car: access Paris via the D934 then A4 (≈50 min)
– Train Station: Gare de Coulommiers (5 min) / Gare de Crécy-la-Chapelle (10 min)
– Metro Station: V al d’Europe (20 min)

– Restaurants : La Chaumière (traditional restaurant, 3 min drive from the airport)

Pontoise-Cormeilles (POX/LFPT)

North-west of Paris, Pontoise-Cormeilles is a calm airport with various activities. Open 24 hours a day, it welcomes business aviation, leisure aviation, private jets, air taxis but also military and governmental aircraft dedicated to aerial imagery. One hour from Paris by car, the airport is located near the area of Cergy-Pontoise known for its university and for hosting the French headquarters of automobile manufacturers Subaru and Bandai. Nearby cultural attractions include the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Denis built in 465, the National Museum of Archeology and the Villa Savoy built by Le Corbusier. At the airport itself, relics dating from the 2nd World War are still present such as barracks, bunkers, ammunition depots and more.

Address: Aérodrome de Pontoise-Cormeilles 95650 Boissy-L’Aillerie

Opening times: 24h

– Car: access via the D915 then A15 (≈1h)
– Station de train: Boissy-l’Aillerie (8 min)
– Station RER: Cergy-Saint-Christophe (14 min)

– Restaurant: La Cigogne / Le Taxiway

Lognes-Emerainville (XLG/LFPL)

From all Paris airports is Lognes Airport the closest general aviation airport to Paris, within only a 25 minutes drive from the center. With 65,944 movements in 2017, it is also the second busiest general aviation airport in France after Toussus-le-Noble, welcoming many business flights in private jet and air taxi thanks to its proximity to the capital and its two landing strips: one in grass and one in asphalt. The airfield is located just 15 minutes drive from Disneyland Paris, ideal for landing and quickly reaching the amusement park for a magical day or to go shopping at the outlet village.
Address: Aérodrome Lognes-Emerainville, 77185 Lognes

Opening times: Sunrise – 30 minutes / Sundown + 30 minutes

– Car: access via the A4 (≈25 min)
– Train station: Gare de Lognes (7 min)
– Metro station: Gare de Lognes (7 min) / Émerainville – Pontault-Combault (9 min)
– Bus: The bus 321 will take you directly from the airport to the Lognes train and metro station
– Rental: Rent a car with the Rent-A-Car agency located in one of the airport hangars

– Restaurant : Le Briefing

Saint-Cyr-l’Ecole (XZB/LFPZ)

For private jet Paris flights: Close to Toussus-le-Noble airport but smaller, the Saint-Cyr aerodrome accommodates smaller aircraft on two grass tracks. The airfield has 55,000 movements per year. Located 4 km from Versailles and within a 35 minutes drive from Paris’ city-center, this airfield is perfect to access the historic sites of France and organize a cultural visit for the weekend. Although a private jet can not land on a grassy runway, the Fly Aeolus Cirrus SR22 air taxi may, depending on the weather conditions.
Address: Aérodrome de Saint-Cyr l’Ecole 78210 Saint-Cyr-l’Ecole

Opening times: Sunrise – 30 minutes / Sundown + 30 minutes

– Car: access via the A14 / A86 (≈35 min)
– Train station: Saint-Cyr (5 min)
– Metro Station: Saint-Cyr (5 min)

– Restaurant : Les Ailes Volantes

Persan-Beaumont (XYP/LFPA)

Located 58 km from Paris, Persan-Beaumont airfield is a general aviation aerodrome that hosts a multitude of different activities. With 1 paved runway and 2 grass aistrips (for private jet Paris flights), you can take flying lessons, sightseeing tours, an air taxi flight, parachute jumping and even fly in an aerobatic aircraft. In less than 20 minutes by car from the airport, you can also visit the beautiful Châteaux de Chantilly, the Royaumont Abbey and even bet on a horse race at the magnificent Hippodrome Prince de Conde.
Address: Aérodrome de Persan-Beaumont, 95340 Bernes-sur-Oise

Opening times: Sunrise – 30 minutes / Sundown + 30 minutes

– Car: access via the A115 then l’A15 (≈ 60 min)
– Train Station: Gare de Persan-Beaumont (3 min) / Gare de Nointel – Mours (15 min)

– Restaurant : Restaurant de l’horizon

Meaux (XYB/LFPE)

Meaux is a civil aerodrome located 55 km from Paris and is used by microlight aircraft, light aircraft and helicopters. With 4 airstrips, a fueling station and 16 hangars, this airfield is well equipped. It is the base for the oldest flying club still active in France, the Aeronautics-Club of France (ACDF) founded October 20, 1897. In 15 minutes by car, you will find the village of Meaux and the museum of the great war, an imperative for history amateurs wanting to enrich their knowledge of the First World War.

Address: Aérodrome de Meaux Esbly, 77450 Isles les Villenoy

Opening times: Sunrise – 30 minutes / Sundown + 30 minutes

– Car: access via the A140 then A14 (≈ 48 min)
– Train station: Gare de Meaux (9 min)

Chavenay (XZX/LFPX)

Intended for light aviation, Chavenay is a small airport 45 minutes drive from the center of Paris. It is the main base of 6 flying clubs and offers a multitude of aviation-related activities such as training, old-school refurbishment, parachute drops and even acrobatic flights. Its 2 grassy runways are rather short for the Cirrus SR22 air taxi but still accessible provided it is sunny and has not rained recently.

Address: Aérodrome de Chavenay – Villepreux, 78450 Chavenay

Opening times: Sunrise – 30 minutes / Sundown + 30 minutes

– Car: access via the D309 then A13 / D30 then A14 (≈45 min)
– Train station: Les Clayes (4 min)
– Metro station: – Le Vésinet (20 min)

– Restaurant : Vous pouvez vous restaurer dans la ville de Chavenay ou Clayes

Etampes Mondésir (LFOX)

Used by light aviation for tourism and leisure, Etampes Mondésir airport shares its airstrips with the French Air Force. Located 1 hour from the center of Paris, this aerodrome and its flying clubs offer discovery courses in microlight aircraft and accommodates aerobatic planes. Finally if you’re lucky, you’ll even see an old biplane (F-BDNF) built in 1948, based at the airfield.

Address: Aérodrome d’Etampes – Mondésir, 91690 Guillerval

Opening times: Sunrise – 30 minutes / Sundown + 30 minutesAccess:
– Car: access via the N20 (≈58min)
– Train station: Gare de Guillerval (5 min) / Gare d’Etampes (15 min)
– Metro station: Gare d’Etampes (15 min)

– Restaurant : Vous pouvez vous restaurer dans la ville d’Etampes ou d’Angerville

A multitude of other Paris airports (private jet paris airports) are also accessible such as Nangis les Loges, Moret-Episy, Melun-Villaroche, Les Mureaux and Le Ferte.

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