Take an Air Taxi to Berlin!


Berlin is not only trendy and the capital of Germany, but it is also the most populated municipality in Germany! The city is the center for politics, culture, media and science. Furthermore, Berlin is internationally known for its many historical sights and activities. This urban city is also well known for its diverse culture, art  … Continued

Air taxi flights to the Tomorrowland festival!


The festival season just started, and it is time to enjoy the latest summer and electronic tunes at the most notorious festival of the world: Tomorrowland! This Belgian festival is celebrating its 15thanniversary in 2019, with spectacular stages and a top-notch DJ-Line-Up!

History of Tomorrowland 

Since its beginning in 2005, Tomorrowland used to be a  … Continued

Are DJs really buying their private jets?


As a DJ you are asked to perform at many events. One evening you play in Amsterdam and the next evening you are on a stage in Ibiza. It is clear, that DJ’s travel a lot. Especially during the summer season, it often occurs that they are travelling for three or four months straight. In  … Continued

The 75th Anniversary of D-Day in Normandy!


This year, Normandy is celebrating the 75thanniversary of D-Day. For this season, this region planned multiple events to celebrate this significant day. In the following blog you will find further information of D-Day and the airports of the Normandy region in France, in case you are planning a visit for this significant day. 

What is … Continued

How can you avoid traffic jams in Europe?


Travelling by car can be very convenient. Especially whilst one is travelling in Europe, the car offers a lot of flexibility. However, while travelling by car, the chance of running into traffic jams, especially in Europe, and loosing hours in congestion is quiet high. 

In the following blog, we will discuss the cities with the  … Continued

Le Touquet with an air taxi!


Le Touquet, which is often referred to as “Paris Plage”,  is a fashionable and small town on the Opal Coast of France. To attract inhabitants of Paris, the name Paris-Plage was invented in the 19th century. However, this attempt failed and the town was therefore renamed “Le Touquet”. Till today, many Parisians like to spend the  … Continued

Is Mechanical Engineering at risk in Germany?


Every time one hears about the German economy, most of the people would think about the German car industry. Even though this industry is indeed the biggest one, there are certainly other industries that are quite significant in Germany. Mechanical engineering is one of them.

With a turnover of 226.2 bn. Euros and approximately 6.450  … Continued