By Brunella Brunetti

Business trips are not always easy. Whether you are a personal assistant, CEO, mechanic or even the most experienced business traveler, we all face challenges during a business trip.  For this reason, we decided to compile 5 tips for frequent business traveler.  

Business trips are not always easy. Whether you are a personal assistant, a CEO, a mechanic or even the most experienced business traveller, we all face challenges when travelling for business. That’s why we’ve decided to compile 5 tips for frequent business travellers.

Business travel is often a source of stress, anxiety, and fatigue. To help you, do not hesitate to read this article. These few tips can surely help you !

Frequent business traveler : some tips for you !

1. Planning and Booking the trip

Before you start with your business trip, it is important to plan it carefully. If the date is set months in advance and the destination is easily accessible, then the chance of booking a low costs flight is quite high. Nonetheless, when you are booking your ticket online, make sure to book it through reliable and secure sites. Furthermore, some booking agencies try to charge more money for flights, if they see you are looking repeatedly for a certain destination. You can overcome this by using the incognito mode of your browser.

However, business trips occur mostly on a shorter notice, making it therefore nearly impossible to find a low-cost flight or a flight overall. If you are lucky enough to find a fight to your destination, you most likely end up paying a lot of money. Especially if the destination has not a direct connection, a layover is often necessary to reach the destination. Layovers are not only costly, but also extremely time consuming. As a result, taking an air taxi might save you money and time. Learn more about it in our blog: When is it worth to take an air taxi?

frequent business traveler tips

2. Organization and electronics

For frequent business traveler tips, the second tips is this one : It is important to stay organized during a business trip, to not misplace or forget personal belongings. For this reason, you should only travel with the things that are essential for your business trip. For instance, it is recommendable to pack less than you think you do. This counts also for electronics and cables that you are bringing with you.

If you are travelling a lot, you most likely encountered many challenges with foreign electronic outlets. Even if you are traveling in Europe, not all countries have the same outlet. Therefore, it is important to research beforehand, whether your electronics need an adapter or not. Otherwise you will have to buy expensive adapters at the airport.

It often occurs, that one is using the Smartphone or Tablet more frequent while traveling. This causes a faster draining of the device’s battery. Although you can find an outlet quickly, it often occurs that the outlet is occupied or not working at all. Therefore, it is advisable to invest into a good power bank, that allows you to charge your device on the go. 

As a business traveler, it is always a good idea to invest into noise cancelling headphones. Using noise cancelling headphones will allow you to improve your travel comfort, as they help to cancel the noise of the engines. Consider purchasing wireless headphones, in order to move freely around, without the fear of getting stuck with the cable.

3. Minimize your Check-In Time

Business Travelers can spend a lot of time in Check-In queues. In order to avoid long rows, make use of the Online Check-In options of the airlines. By checking in Online, you will be able to avoid long rows at the Check-In counter, as you can make use of the self-service baggage drop off, which is available in many airports. If you are travelling with only with hand-luggage, you will be able to avoid the Check-In counter overall and go directly to the security check of the airport.

In case you are doing an online Check-In, many airlines offer the possibility to choose your seat.  Before selecting your seat, make use of SeatGuru to find the best seat. SeatGuru allows you to see the aircraft seat map, seat reviews and general information about the airline operating the flight.

frequent business traveler tips

4. Maximize your time

The 4th tips as a frequent business traveler, one encounters many moments, in which time can be easily be lost. One of those moments is for instance while waiting for the boarding. For this reason, it is important to maximize your time while traveling. One possibility to use the time efficiently, is to use spare time to work. Long waiting times at the airport or lay overs are great to schedule calls and Skype meetings. Time passes faster and work gets done. If you are interested into international business, we have a blog about it.

Another possibility to use your time efficiently is to listen to podcasts, learn more about the overall culture and business culture of the country you are traveling to. By learning the key characteristics of the country’s business culture, awkward confrontations and inappropriate behaviors can be avoided.

Lastly, if you are traveling more frequently to the same country for business, consider learning the basics of the language during waiting times or in the plane. Apps like Duolingo, help users to learn a new language in an interactive and fun way. Although the app can be used for free, the Premium Version of Duolingo allows to save courses offline. Hence, it is ideal for long flights with no Wi-Fi.

frequent business traveler tips

5. Discover the city and enjoy the trip

Every business trip that requires an overnight stay, requires meals as well. Instead of choosing convenience and have a meal at the Hotel, why not combining a meal with sightseeing and explore the city? Each city that has sights worth visiting, will have restaurants and cafes in a close proximity to the attraction.

If you have a business trip to Frankfurt head over to our blog: “Frankfurt Airport, a sight to see” and learn more about the financial metropolis and its top spots to go out. In case you are traveling to Berlin, read in our Blog: Take an air taxi and fly to Berlin! With places that are a must to visit in the German capital.  

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