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Berlin is not only trendy and the capital of Germany, but it is also the most populated municipality in Germany! The city is the center for politics, culture, media and science. Furthermore, Berlin is internationally known for its many historical sights and activities. This urban city is also well known for its diverse culture, art and fashion. To conclude, Berlin is a great city to visit with a private jet. In the following blog we compiled the Top 6 must visit places of Berlin. 

Top 6 must visit places in Berlin

Nr. 1 Brandenburger Gate:

In case you are planning to visit Berlin, do not miss the chance to visit one of Berlins most famous landmarks: the Brandenburger Gate. This Gate can be found at the injunction of Unter den Linden and Erbertstraße in the western part of the city center of Berlin. During the Cold War, the Brandenburger Gate symbolized the separation of West Berlin and East Berlin, as it formed part of the Berlin Wall. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, an official reopening of the Brandenburger Gate took place. On 22ndDecember 1989 the Brandenburger Gate was reopened for the public. Ever since, this landmark of Berlin became the symbol of the German reunification.  

Nr. 2 Reichstag Building & the Bundestag: 

In a close proximity of the Brandenburger Gate, one can find the Reichstag Building. This building was constructed during the German empire in the 19thcentury. Before World War II, the Reichstag Building was severely damaged after being set on fire. After the war, the Reichstag Building became disused. Only after the German reunification, the building was completely reconstructed and modernized. As soon as the reconstruction of the Reichstag was finished in 1999, the building became once again the meeting point of the German Parliament, the so called Bundestag. 

One architectural element, which makes the Reichstag building very special, is the glass dome of the building. This glass dome is accessible for the public. In case you are planning to go to the Reichstag Building, make sure to visit the dome and its terrace. By visiting the dome, you will be able to have an impressive view of the parliamentary, the government building and of Berlin. Additionally, Audio guides in various languages are available, in order to ensure the best experience of the dome. Visiting the glass dome of the Reichstag Building is free of charge, however, an advanced registration is required to enter the building. 

Nr. 3 East Side Gallery: 

The East Side Gallery in Berlin is known for its colorful and bright paintings. However, this permanent open-air gallery is on the longest remaining section of the Berlin Wall, with a total length of 1,316m. If you plan to visit the East Side Gallery in Berlin, you will be able to see 101 paintings by artist from all over the world. If you want to have a walk at the East Side Gallery in Berlin, it is recommended to travel by public transport to the Warschauer Straße in Berlin. From then on, it is a small walk to the Mühlenstraße, in which the East Side Gallery is located. 

Nr. 4 The Fernsehturm Berlin & Alexanderplatz:

Fernsehturm means literally translated Television Tower. The Fernsehturm Berlin is not only one of the most famous landmarks of Berlin, but is also with a height of around 370m, the highest structure of Germany and the third tallest Television Tower of the European Union. The Fernsehturm Berlin can be found close to the Alexanderplatz, making it therefore easy reachable by public transport. If you decide to visit the TV Tower Berlin, you will be able to take an elevator to the observation platform and have a great view over Berlin and surrounding areas. In order to safe long queues, tickets for the Fernsehturm Berlin can be ordered online. If you are not only interested to have a great view of the city, but also want to enjoy a good meal, consider visiting the TV Tower’s Restaurant and Bar.

As the Fernsehturm is located close to Alexanderplatz, you will have the possibility to visit this famous public square. The Alexanderplatz is not only housing shopping malls like ALEXA and department stores, but also the Weltzeituhr (World Clock). This World Clock is famous for displaying the twenty four main times zones of the world. Additionally, the times are matched with major cities, in which the time zone is in. 

Nr. 5  Checkpoint Charlie & Mauermuseum:

Checkpoint Charlie, which is also known as Checkpoint C, was one of the Berlins border crossings between West Berlin and East Berlin, during the Cold War. This crossing point, which  was mainly used to connect the Soviet and American sectors, was built in 1961 and is located in the Friedrichstraße and Zimmerstraße in Berlin. Checkpoint C was built as a consequence of the Berlin Wall.  However, Checkpoint Charlie was the only gateway in which East Germany allowed diplomatic bodies, allied military and foreign tourists to enter the Soviet sector. For this reason, the allies stationed military police at Checkpoint Charlie, to ensure a smooth access to the other sector. 

After the Cold War and German Reunification, Checkpoint Charlie transformed itself into a famous tourist attraction in Berlin. The former guard house of 1961 was rebuilt at Checkpoint Charlie, to give tourists an idea, how this crossing point used to look back in the days. 

Right next to Checkpoint Charlie, inside the “Haus am Checkpoint Charlie”, the Mauermuseum is located.  This Museum is not only famous for its iconic location, but also for the documentation of the Berlin Wall’s history and events. If you plan a visit to the Mauermuseum, you will be able to learn more about Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin Wall and escape stories.

Nr. 6 The Museuminsel:

Museuminsel, which translates Museum Island into English, is located in the northers part of the Spreeisland. This Museum Island is one of the most important sights of Berlin and listed as an UNESCO World Heritage monument. It consists of “Das alte Museum” (the Old Museum), “Das neue Museum” (the New Museum), the Bode Museum, the Pergamon Museum and “Die Alte Nationalgalerie” (the old national gallery).  

Private Jet Airports near Berlin

The airport of Straußberg is a general aviation airfield with a direct train connection to the city of Berlin. Therefore, it is quite often used for private jet flights to Berlin. Another airport south of Berlin is Schönhagen airport. They have quite nice facilities like restaurants and others, but it has no public transport connection with city center. Connectivity, therefore, is handled by car rentals companies. Tegel Airport is less attractive for private jet and air taxi flights, as it is congested with traditional scheduled commercial flights and it charges high landingfees. Check out our blog about the most expensive airports in Europe! Lastly, Berlin-Schönefeld Airport is the second international airport of Berlin. This airport has not only many facilities like shops and restaurants, but it is also good connected to public transport. For this reason, this airport is great for private jet flights to Berlin. 

Check out all the airports in the neighborhood of Berlin here.

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