By Julia Tichawa

How was luxury travel at the end of the 19th century? Join us on a journey to 1920. Learn more about the origins of the Simplon Venice Orient Express, the destinations, its routes, and what you can expect to pay for your Orientexpress ticket in this blog. 

In 1852, the first sleeping car rolled through Germany, already setting high standards of luxury. The sleeping car made it possible to shift the majority of the journey to the night and thus not lose any travel time during the day.

If you buy tickets for Simplon Venice Orientexpress, you will have this view at every stop.
Exterior view of the Simplon Venice Orient Express

The Belgian Georges Nagelmackers recognized the potential and equipped the night trains luxuriously, combined them with dining cars, and acquired concessions for longer routes from Ostend (Belgium) to Brindisi (southern Italy) and from Paris to Vienna. In 1883, the Orient Express was born and the “Compagnie Internationale des Waggonslits” made its first journey from Paris via Munich, Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest, and then by ship to Constantinople.

Did you know that… ?

…. the many different namings such as Orient Express, Simplon Orient Express or Simplon Orientexpress have to do with historical developments? Due to major events like the Second World War, routes were often modified to avoid certain countries. This equally resulted in new names for the trains and changed the original “Orient Express” name. The figure below illustrates how routes have been replaced throughout time and gives you an overview of the many different names of the one and the same luxury train – the Orient Express.

Venice Simplon Orient Express Routes
Routes and names of the various luxury trains 

The Orient Express Experience

Experience the glamour of the 1920s and enjoy a very special experience in 3 luxurious restaurant cars, the piano bar car, or in your stylishly designed sleeping compartment.

Interior Simplon Venice Orientexpress
Orient Express Single Room

The journey is the destination. Never has a sentence fit so well as it does here. Your personal cabin steward will look after you during your perfect travel experience. He brings a wealth of experience. Breakfast, afternoon tea, and drinks are served in your compartment. For dinner, you may indulge in elegant attire in the restaurant car by the French chef Christian Bodiguel.

The Bar of the Simplon Venice Orient Express.
Enjoy classic cocktail creations of the golden 20’s in the Bar Wagon.

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Fly Aeolus shows you the best Orientexpress routes

In addition to the traditional Istanbul – Paris route, on which Agatha Christie’s famous novel “Murder on the Orient Express” is based, countless new routes have been set-up. On each of these you can immerse yourself in the glamour of the past. From one-day trips to a 10-day experience, there’s something for everyone. You can hop on or off at the following locations:

Map of points where we can bring you to your Simplon Venice Orient Express travel by private jet.
Possible departure and arrival points for your trip with the Simplon Venice Orient Express 

Have you already chosen a route? Are you going from London to Venice via Paris to enjoy a gelato in small Italian alleys? Or would you rather go from Amsterdam to Brussels?  

We love the classic one and recommend the route where detective Hercule Poirot solves a thrilling murder case. The route begins in the city of Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, and the famous Grand Bazaar: Istanbul. Then the route leads along the Danube via Budapest to Vienna and the French capital Paris.  

The trip is designed so that you spend the nights alternately in your sleeping cabin and 5-star hotels in different cities. During the day, a private guide with an organized programme is scheduled so that you can gather the most important impressions of each city.

A visit to the New York Hotel is included in your trip on the Simplon Venice Orient Express.
An experience of the trip: Cafe New York in Budapest

But how do I buy Simplon Venice Orient Express tickets and what costs can I expect?

Venice Simplon Orient Express Costs

You can buy tickets on the Venice Simplon Orient express website. There you can put together your own individual itinerary and receive detailed information about destinations and the journey. As an example, we have compiled the costs per person for a few routes:

  • ViennaParis: for 1 night approx. 4500 €. 
  • Amsterdam – Innsbruck: for 1 night approx. 4300 €. 
  • Paris – Istanbul: for 5 nights approx. 30000 €.

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Interior Design Cirrus SR22
The interior design of our private jets provide even more luxury on your trip.

Booking the Simplon Venice Orient Express with Fly Aeolus

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