The life of a pilot: Flying with Fly Aeolus – An interview


The profession of a pilot: Everyone can probably imagine what it means, but what exactly is it all about? We asked our pilot Jacques in more detail. Read here how he experiences flying with Fly Aeolus and which qualities you should bring along as a pilot. He also reveals to us how challenging the balance  … Continued

The 10 most famous artists you should know


Picasso, Da Vinci and Michelangelo are all names you have probably heard before. But what exactly are they known for and which other famous artists must be remembered? Fly Aeolus lists for you in this blog the 10 most famous artists of all times.

1. Leonardo da Vinci

One of the most famous works of  … Continued

The most unique watches in the world… Of all time!


What time do we have right now? The smartphone is quickly pulled out and time is checked. The cell phone has long since replaced the function of our well-known wristwatch. Wrong thought! Since the launch of the Smartwatch, timepieces can now do far more than just display the time. There are no limits to the  … Continued

Gstaad airport: What activities to discover during your holiday


Gstaad is a village in the German-speaking section of the Canton of Bern in southwestern Switzerland. There are all kinds of activities in Gstaad to discover. The village can be reached via Gstaad airport. Quoting “The Gstaad-Saanenland holiday region in the Bernese Oberland attracts a charming mix of visitors: while the chalet village of Gstaad welcomes famous  … Continued

Visit Osnabrück Germany: What you really need to see


City trips offer the chance to escape everyday life for a while and to be inspired by foreign scenery. But why get drawn into the big city stress, when holidays actually mean recovery? In Osnabrück, Germany, you will see the latter and much more: The City of Peace not only has a wealth of history  … Continued